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Infrared radiant oil heaters
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Infrared radiant oil heaters

Oil-burning direct heaters for powerful infrared heat radiation

Infrared radiant oil heaters from Trotec are the ideal heaters for economical spot heating of well-ventilated areas. They generate infrared radiant heat without accompanying air circulation, since they do not heat up the air but warm bodies and objects at which they are directed directly via thermal radiation.

The IRO 15 is suitable for a variety of applications

High degree of radiant heat plus economic oil combustion

The IRO 15 combines the advantages of electric infrared heating devices with the performance and economical operating mode of direct fired oil heaters. All in all, the IRO 15 in this way provides users with an ultrastrong infrared heating device with low operating costs and an impressive heating capacity of 20 kW.

This high amount of heat energy without disturbing air circulation offers you a variety of applications in well-ventilated interior spaces or roofed outdoor areas.

This makes it possible, for example, to de-ice machinery or pipelines, provide for the energy-efficient defrosting of frozen heating systems, dry painting work or wall coatings, and heat work areas in a targeted and completely draught-free fashion. The infrared rays directly heat the corresponding places and not the ambient air.

Possible use:

  • Targeted spot heating in well-ventilated rooms or ­storage areas
  • Dust-free drying of walls, coatings and paint
  • De-icing of machinery and pipelines
  • Construction site heating
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Enjoy pleasant refreshment! You can also find all the relevant information about our comfort air conditioning units in the product brochure. Download the PDF directly here.

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