Professional infrared heating panel TIH 650+
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Infrared heating panel TIH 650+

For the drying of brickwork in new buildings, clearing water damage or the renovation of old buildings

Infrared heating panel TIH 650+

The professional infrared heating panel TIH 650+ is optimally suited for surface drying of walls in new buildings or after a water damage. Especially massive brickwork can be dried faster as compared to conventional dehumidification.

A prerequisite for an effective drying process is, however, a homogenous heat distribution over the entire area of the heating panel. Unlike conventional infrared heating panels, which often achieve only non-homogenous heat distribution, the innovative material mix used for the TIH 650+ ensures a perfectly consistent radiation performance over the entire surface of the heating panel, which is additionally insulated at the rear and thus ensures an optimal radiation directed at the object as well as maximum energy efficiency.

Up to three infrared heating panels can be combined quickly and stably for large-scale drying in batch mode.

Since the TIH 650+ works noiselessly and does not consume any oxygen, it can also be used in residential areas without difficulty.

The thermal image of the TIH 650+ shows a homogenous radiation performance of the infrared heating panel over the entire surface.
The thermal image is proof of the homogenous heat distribution over the entire area

The TIH 650+ impresses with a very consistent radiation performance over the entire area

Thermographic studies prove that conventional infrared heating panels often achieve an only inhomogeneous heat distribution, which cannot ensure a consistent surface drying. Furthermore, heating capacity frequently fluctuates with these models and the temperature especially at the heating elements is often far too high.

Extreme heat treatment can, however, result in grave consequences, especially for sensitive building materials. If, for example, gypsum building materials are excessively heated, crystallisation water desorbs, which can lead to a loss of the entire structural stability.

By contrast, the professional TIH infrared heating panel is characterized by constant temperature values and a very consistent radiation performance over the entire area. Heating capacity and wall distance of the TIH 650+ were assessed by the designers in a way that, even with gypsum building materials, there can be no material heating to structurally destabilising temperature ranges.

Flexibly adjustable professional system

The professional infrared heating panels can be used as needed either individually or collectively:

  1. Individual horizontal floor installation of the TIH 650+ by mounting the supplied feet.
  2. Individual vertical floor installation of the TIH 650+ by mounting the supplied feet.
  3. Floor installation of the TIH 650+ by mounting the supplied feet and installed on top: a stack of other devices connected by means of stacking handles. 
  4. With the optionally available assembly support connection set and the set of assembly support fastening clamps the TIH 650+ can also be fastened to customary assembly supports to enable surface drying specifically directed at elevated areas.
Flexibly adjustable professional system

Screwless foot construction

The compact feet of the TIH 650 can be attached to the heating plate without tools.

The previous screwed connection has been replaced by a spring bolt, which is captively integrated in the foot. It locks into place securely during installation and thus ensures a positive-fit connection with the heating panel. No additional tools are required for the assembly: Pull and remove or pull and attach – it’s that simple. To save space during transportation the feet can be placed in the designated holder on the panel’s heating side.

The feet are also useful aids for an optimal positioning. They are designed in such a way that when the feet touch the wall the optimum heating distance and efficiency is automatically ensured. Hence, a distance measuring prior to setup is not required.

Screwless foot construction

MID meter as standard
Ex works the TIH 650+ comes equipped with a MID-compliant energy consumption meter enabling a reliable documentation of the power consumption.
MID meter as standard
Easy to use
Installed vertically or horizontally, the TIH 650+ can easily be used either way – all you need to do is assemble the feet at the corresponding positions of the heating panel.
The TIH 650+ can be variably used vertically or horizontally
Easily expandable application range
The optionally available mounting accessories allow you to also fasten the infrared heating panel TIH 650+ individually or collectively to customary assembly supports.
Easily expandable application range
Easy foot transport
At the rear each TIH 650+ is provided with convenient mounting devices for both feet – during transport they are captively stored in the housing's runner by means of a plug connection.
Easy foot transport

Optionally available accessories

Set of stacking handles TIH 650+
Article number 1.410.003.009
Contains two fitting handles, applicable without the need for tools, for the stable combination of two TIH heating panels by stacking one on top of the other.
Set of stacking handles TIH 650+
Assembly supports connection set 650+
Article number 1.410.003.003
Two connection bars for attaching the TIH 650+ to the optionally available assembly support fastening clamps.
Assembly supports connection set 650+
Set of assembly support fastening clamps
Article number 1.410.003.004
Two clamps in a set for fastening TIH heating panels to customary assembly supports.
Set of assembly support fastening clamps
BN35 socket thermostat for TIH+
Article number
Permits the regulation of temperature and operating time of one or more heating panels via radio covering a range of 20 m.
BN35 socket thermostat for TIH+
Transport bag TIH 650+
Article number 1.410.003.005
Made of robust, water-repellent polyester fabric with extra-firmly sewed shoulder straps and additional zip compartment.
Transport bag TIH 650+

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional quality “made in Germany” – originally produced by Trotec
  • High-quality infrared heating panel with a genuine 650 watts of heating capacity
  • Innovative materials enable a homogenous heat distribution over the entire area
  • Rear insulation ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimal radiation directed at the object
  • Highly efficient heating procedure with environmentally sound IR-C radiation for quick brickwork drying
  • Heat transport via light waves – direct object heating without convective loss
  • Clean warmth – no noise, no odour, no condensate, no oxygen consumption
  • Can be stacked quickly and stably
  • Robust aluminium composite construction with high torsional rigidity in maintenance-free Trotec quality
  • Feet can be assembled without the need for tools
  • Incorporated transport retainer for feet
  • Integrated energy consumption meter (MID-compliant)*

* What does MID compliant mean?

The European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) has replaced the existing rules of national approval and subse-quent calibration in some areas. As a result, all power meters, which are used for energy consumption billing, must be MID compliant in the future.

A few practical basics: Water transport mechanisms in mineral building materials

Water transport mechanisms in mineral building materials

Porous, mineral building materials are traversed by a network of pores and capillaries of various types, sizes and forms, which are essential for water transport. Depending on the moisture content in the building material, water transport basically takes place in two different ways: diffusion and water current.

In case of diffusion, water vapour can flow through the entire pore space (1).

With increasing moisture content, a water film forms at the surface of larger pore spaces, smaller pore bottlenecks are already completely filled with water (2).

When the building material is supersaturated, there is so much water in the enhanced pore spaces that it can only be transported in form of current (3).

This liquid water transport phase is far more efficient than diffusion.

In consequence we can stipulate the following regarding the suitability of infrared heating panels for wall drying:

  1. Drying by means of infrared heating panels is only reasonable with building materials with a high porosity and well-formed capillary systems, e.g. bricks and some natural stones.
  2. In case of greatly compacted wall building material with closed structures or small capillaries (concrete), the application of infrared heating panels has no drying effect, because water transport is predominantly effected by diffusion.
  3. An efficient drying performance can only be achieved in the liquid phase. The moisture follows the heat flow only during this phase.
  4. When the water current breaks off with an increasing degree of drying, transport is progressively effected by means of diffusion. From this moment the application of infrared heating panels is of no importance to the drying progress!

Conclusion: For as long as liquid water transport in soaked building materials is effected by means of water current, infrared heating panels can help to speed up drying.

Infrared heating panels, however, cannot fully replace dehumidifiers to achieve an equilibrium moisture content in the building material!

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EU Regulation

This product complies with EU Regulation 2015/1188 Art. 3 II in combination with a thermostat and achieves an efficiency of 98%. Only use the device with a thermostat, such as the Trotec BN35 recommended by us. You can find more information about this in our operating instructions.

This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or for occasional use.

(EU Regulation 2015/1188 Article 3, Annex II b) II (2))

Trotec: Innovation made in Germany

Take a look behind the scenes: As one of the internationally leading manufacturers of air treatment solutions, Trotec offers industrial and commercial customers innovative products for air purification, dehumidification, heating, air conditioning and ventilation. We rely 100 % on research, development, design and production in Germany for our high-performance devices. For the highest quality requirements, sophisticated system solutions and fresh ideas.

Watch the video to see for yourself!

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 optionally available

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Infrarot-Heizplatte / Infrarotheizung TIH 650+ show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.410.003.030
Heating capacity
  in [W] 650
Effective range
  in [m²] 0.85
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz
  Nominal current consumption [A] 2.1
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Cable length [m] 3
  Integrated operating hours counter
Housing design
Safety feature
  IP type of protection IP44
  Overheating protection Available
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 36
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 1,370
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 625
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 10.7

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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