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TEH high-performance electric heating units

Powerful heating without flames, smoke or condensation: With the electric heating units of the TEH series

These extremely robust and durable heating units "Made in Germany" can withstand the harshest conditions and were especially designed for ambulant requirements in large-scale heating scenarios, corrosion protection applications or load tests.

A powerful radial fan circulates up to 9,000 cubic metres of hot air per hour with an air pressure of up to 600 Pa. Therefore, the TEH high-performance heating devices are suited for the connection of air transport hoses of a length of up to 100 metres.

The electronically controlled multi-stage switching for air volume and temperature ensures a constant ambient temperature control during blasting, coating and painting work or other types of surface treatment in- and outdoors.

Especially for industrial users with energy excess capacities or an independent power supply the TEH units offer ideal possibilities to realize large-volume ambulant heating applications with fully smoke-, flame- and condensate-free warm air.

The TEH high-performance units are further suited for all fields of application requiring large amounts of warm air whilst the use of indirect oil heating units is not possible.

Ex-SonderausführungenSpecial models for use in certain ex-proof zones are optionally available on request.

TEH high-performance electric heating units are ideally suited for:

  • Shipyards and shipping companies
  • Power suppliers and service providers
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Refineries and petrochemistry
  • Steel and aluminium mills
  • Mining companies
  • Military installations
  • Major events

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional quality "Made in Germany" – Originally produced by Trotec
  • Up to 120 kW heating capacity
  • Air flow rate of up to 9,000 m³/h at 600 Pa
  • Reliable, portable "Plug & Play" solution: Just set it up, install it, switch it on – all done!
  • Electronically controlled multi-stage switching for air volume and temperature
  • Suitable for air transport distances of up to 100 metres hose length
  • Stackable construction
  • Equipped as standard with shock protection frame, crane lugs, forklift slots and transport wheels with parking brakes
  • Optionally also available as special models for use in certain ex-proof zones

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