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Manifold equipment options

TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers are individually configurable for almost any application

As standard, all TTR units are equipped with numerous functions and features guaranteeing a reliable operation, easy handling and long lifetime with low maintenance effort. Moreover, manifold equipment options are available which enable you to adjust your TTR unit individually depending on your specific application requirements:

Control module Millenium (1)
Microprocessor control with four-line plain text display for status or fault messages. Enables precise energy management as well as humidity and temperature control of the dry air (sensors optional).

Flowmatic S (2)
Registers and compensates sensor-supported automatic pressure losses and maintains a constant pressure / volume flow as per nominal value pre-set. Two fixed nominal values can be stored for this purpose.

Starting with the TTR 2000, the volume flow and pressure regulation can be freely adjusted via the control signal (0 … 10 V).

Humidity (3) and temperature control (4)
Extension modules for Millenium (1) for the signal conversion of connected humidity (3) and temperature sensors (4) including controller programming.

Dew point sensor (5)
Together with the Millenium control (1) and the humidity control unit (3) it allows to control the dry air depending on the dew point. Dew point +20 °C … -80 °C, 4 - 20 mA.

Pt100 temperature sensor (6)
With transmitter 4 - 20 mA. Combined with recooler/reheater (14), Millenium control (1) and temperature control unit (4) this sensor permits the regulation of the dry air temperature.

Touchscreen (7)
Enables a convenient control of the ­entire unit via touchscreen instead of manual control.

GSM remote connection (8)
Enables the control of the TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers via GSM.

WLAN remote connection (9)
Enables the control of the TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers via WLAN.

Heat exchanger module (10, 11)
Integrated module for cooling or heating dry air by means of cold or hot water available on site; requires an indication of the media's temperature. Also available as stainless steel version (11).

Steam heater (12)
For heating the regeneration air by means of saturated vapour.

Gas heater (13)
For heating the regeneration air by means of a gas burner.

Electric reheater (14)
For heating the dry air additionally.

Hygrostat control (15, 17)
External hygrostat HG 120 (16) for humidity-dependent control of the TTR ­industrial desiccant dehumidifiers, ­optionally with or without permanent ventilation. A 4-pin coupling is required for connecting the HG 120 (16).

The electronic hygrostat HG 125 (17) is also available. It can be used starting at a temperature of -30 °C and is also suited for continuous control if combined with the Millenium control (1). A 7-pin coupling is required for con-necting the HG 125 (18).

Both connector couplings (16, 18) come with cable and cable inlet for the connection to the terminal.

Weather protection equipment (20)
Weather protection grids at air inlets, additional seals, exhaust pipe arc for humid air, Plexiglas flap protecting the operating elements.

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