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An optimum humidity and everything is fine!

The TTK-E-S creates the optimum room climate for your home or office

Humidity is invisible, consequential damages are not...

Whether in the office, the workshop or at home – an optimum room climate is a basic prerequisite for the well-being and health of the inhabitants.

If nothing else, an agreeable room climate also promotes productivity and can help to reduce sick leave.

The two decisive factors for "feel-good surroundings" are room temperature and relative humidity.

We feel most comfortable within the range of 20 to 22 °C at a relative humidity of 50 to 60 %, room climates outside these values tend to be perceived as unpleasant.

There are more than a few buildings wherein the genuine room climate often does not correspond to our "comfort zone" for various reasons – especially in the warm half of the year.

Therefore, create your very own reliable "feel-good climate" using the Trotec dehumidifiers of the TTK-E-S series. The right humidity in the room prevents damages to persons and material!

Effective protection against moisture and corrosion

If the moisture content in the room air exceeds the harmless relative humidity values, manifold damages can occur.

Due to the differences in room temperature between adjacent rooms, the moisture contained in the air inevitably precipitates in the less heated rooms.

The first visible warning signs are mostly damp articles of clothing, a musty smell and stained walls or sprouting potatoes in basements. Furthermore, mould starts to form from approx. 70 % humidity.

Rust is even less demanding, the corrosion process on metals begins from as low as 60 % humidity.

Too damp air can lead to manifold problems and expensive heating does not provide a remedy either: the air is indeed heated, but stays humid. Simple aeration is not the answer either, because the room air cannot be permanently stripped of humidity this way.

The compact dehumidifiers of the TTK-E-S series provide a better and less expensive solution: effective dehumidification and dry keeping! 

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