Fog and flue gas simulator FS200

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Fog and Flue Gas Simulator FS200

Ideal for tightness tests and leak detection in pipeline systems or flat roof constructions

This professional fog and flue gas simulator of German high-quality manufacturing is the most compact and lightest device in its performance class.

Thanks to smart slim design in robust aluminium lightweight construction, the transport of the FS200 to any application site will be no problem at all and you can benefit from a high range of ­motion even through bottlenecks such as safety ladders.

The ingenious canister holder of the FS200 can be unlocked and folded out in a matter of seconds.

This way, the floor space is increased and provides more stability even on ­disadvantageous undergrounds like gravelled flat roofs.

The extremely powerful turbine as well as the fluid pump of the FS200 can be infinitely adjusted in their performance for fog conveyance, hence be attuned more precisely to individual operating conditions.

Moreover, the intelligent power coupling of turbine, heating and pump ensures a consistently dense fog flow lasting several minutes without postheating-­related interruptions even during maximum turbine performance.

The FS200’s fluid consumption is agreeably low and can amount to a maximum of no more than 100 ml per minute.

Possible applications:

  • Fire simulation, respiratory protection and disaster control exercises
  • Tightness tests
  • Flat roof leak detection
  • Exercise for smoke extraction
  • Checking of smoke outlets
  • Checking of air discharge, air inlet and exhaust air openings
  • Control of smoke extraction in escape routes
  • Detection of faulty connections in piping networks, tank farms or wastewater systems
  • Locating of undercuts in dams and dykes

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional quality “Made in Germany” – originally produced by Trotec
  • Robust aluminium lightweight construction – therefore, more than 40 % lighter than the previous model
  • Extremely powerful fan turbine – infinitely variable
  • Substantially reduced dimensions as compared to the previous model – ultra-compact and smaller by more than 40 %
  • Space-saving integral solution with fold-up canister holder
  • Extra dense white smoke thanks to the infinitely variable fluid pump
  • Can be easily transported even through bottlenecks such as safety ladders
  • Intelligent power coupling of turbine, heating and pump for a consistently dense fog conveyance lasting ­several minutes without postheating-related interruptions
  • Service-friendly construction – simple filter change within seconds
  • Tried and tested German industrial design

Sophisticated in every detail – the FS200 impresses with many practice-oriented equipment features

The robust slim design of the FS200 provides a high degree of mobility even in bottlenecks.
Handy: In transport position the canister holder's feet serve as cable holder.
The integrated ergonomic recessed handle with an inner Grip-Clip ­affords the best hold while carrying.
A locking pin reliably fixes the ­transport position of the canister holder in place.
For tilt-resistant fluid canister seating the holder can be unlocked and folded out in a matter of seconds.
The handy filter compartment of the FS200 with quick-release cover ­enables time-saving filter change.

Tightness test and leak detection

By means of feeding fog into pipeline systems, tank facilities or sanitary domestic installations, leakages or faulty connections can be detected quickly and easily.

Using the flue gas method, insulated flat-roofed or terrace constructions can be effectively and inexpensively checked for leakages, since the especially dense white fog is visible from afar when emerging from the leak even on larger areas.

The flue gas detection is also ideally suited for intermediate measurements during the building phase of complex flat-roofed constructions.

Areas, which are later only poorly or completely inaccessible, can as a precaution be checked for leakages to avoid structural damages caused by leaks beforehand.

Included in the FS 200's scope of delivery is a 38 mm connector, a 5 litre canister with branded fog concentrate FluiTect, a filling hose with coupling plugs and 5 m fog hose (Tronect PV‑A 38).
Fog and flue gas simulator FS200

Control of smoke extraction and disaster control exercises

The flue gas simulator is ideally suited for disaster control exercises of the fire brigade – optionally, combustion chamber and coloured smoke cartridges are also available for the training exercise.

Furthermore, using the FS200, the functioning of smoke outlets or smoke extraction systems for escape routes even in larger or subterranean buildings can be tested and visualized realistically.

The FS200’s control panel is located underneath a protective flap with magnetic lock for shock-protection.
Operating elements of the FS200
Performance of fan turbine and fluid pump can be infinitely controlled ­independently.
Pump and fan of the FS200 can be infinitely adjusted.
Evidence of defective sealing of the wall connection above an underground garage.
Defective sealing of the wall connection
Defective sealing of a roof-top terrace.
Defective sealing of a roof-top terrace
Fire simulation for a fire brigade training operation.
Fire simulation for fire brigade training exercises


Nebel- und Rauchgassimulator FS200 im Trotec Webshop zeigen

Nebel- und Rauchgassimulator FS200

Dieser professionelle Nebel- und Rauchgassimulator bietet Ihnen vielfältige Einsatzmöglichkeiten wie z.B. Dichtheitsprüfung, Flachdach-Leckageortung, Brandsimulation, Entrauchungsübungen uvm.

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Technical data
General information
  Article number 3.510.010.021
  Outlet pressure [mbar] 334
  Air flow rate [l/s] 68
  Air flow rate [m³/h] 245
  Fogging time at medium level and less [s] Continuous fog output
  Fogging time at maximum level [s] Approx. 210
Generator unit
  Generator principle Fluid evaporator
  Fluid consumption at continuous fog output [ml/min] 30
  Fluid consumption at max. output [ml/min] 100
  Approx. heating-up time [min] 7
  No display
  Functional LEDs
Device control
  Control knobs
Housing design
  Process connection - (Ø 50/38 mm)
Type of protection
Power supply
  Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz
  Max. power input [W] 3,100
  Evaporator performance [W] 1,500
  Turbine performance of fan [W] 1,600
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 270
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 250
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 475
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 12.5
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
  Fog hose (5 m, plastic, Ø 38 mm)
  Adapter turbine connector to reduce the diameter from 50 to 38 mm
  Fluid hose with coupling
  5 l of fog fluid in canister
  Operating manual
  Filling pipe
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Functions and features
  Exhaust connection turbine Ø 50/38 mm
  Variable performance of the fluid feed pump
  Variable performance of the turbine


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Nebelkonzentrat FluiTect 5L

Flüssig, klares Nebelfluid für Rauchsimulationen bei Feuerwehrübungen, Leckageortungen oder Kanalarbeiten.

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PV-A-Schlauch 38 mm, 4 x 15 m (=60m) im Trotec Webshop zeigen

PV-A-Schlauch 38 mm, 4 x 15 m (=60m)

Er ist extrem UV- und Ozonbeständig und vakuumfest und daher ideal, um gasförmige oder flüssige Stoffe zu transportieren. Seine robuste Verarbeitung verspricht Langlebigkeit und hohe Standzeiten. Geeignet für Temperaturspannen von 0°C bis 85°C. Geliefert wird er als 4 x 15m Einheit.

Sie sparen: 84.25 €

214.20 € 129.95 € inkl. MwSt.
Nettopreis exkl. MwSt. anzeigen

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Aluminium-Endstutzen Flachdach Folie

Dieser Aluminium Endstutzen ist gemacht für Bohrungen in Folienflachdächern. Er ist mit einer Schlitzkerbe für die optimale Befestigung ausgestattet. Geeignet für den Anschluss von 38mm Schläuchen.

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Aluminium-Endstutzen Flachdach Bitumen

Geeignet für Bohrungen in Bitumen-Flachdächern ist dieser Aluminium Endstutzen ausgestattet mit konischem Schraubgewinde zum Eindrehen in Bitumenbahnen.

47.60 € inkl. MwSt.
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