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Hint: combined moisture measurement

Increased safety based on combined check of the readiness for covering

CM measuring is a generally accepted test method for the evaluation of the readiness for covering of screeds. As with all methods of measurement, however, the use of only one procedure can always lead to misinterpretation.

Recently craftsmen and building owners have had to deal in court with the problem that in individual cases CM measurement results indicated the readiness for covering, even though the screed just wasn't ready!

Therefore, play it safe and combine the floor moisture content measurement method approved in continental Europe (CM measurement) with the equilibrium moisture content measurement which has become established as standard method for many a year in e.g. Northern Europe.

In case of the combined moisture measurement, first the equilibrium moisture content and then the moisture content of the sample is determined by use of the very same sample.

The combined moisture measurement method affords users of CM measuring devices more security when assessing the readiness for covering of screeds without causing significant additional expenses. Moreover, the familiar CM measuring device can be used for this additional measurement.

The determination of both values – equilibrium moisture content and moisture content of the sample – allows for a more reliable assessment of the readiness for covering than just one of the two measurement methods.

Since both measuring results have been determined using the same sample, combined moisture measurement results in yet more security for the floor layer!

Required equipment for combined moisture measurement: Other than the already available CM device, only the CM hygro combination cap and a T210 thermohygrometer or, in case of an available T3000 measuring device, a TS 210 SDI climate sensor are required.


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CM-Hygro Combi Deckel

Gehen Sie bei Prüfung der Belegereife auf Nummer sicher und verwenden Sie den Combi Deckel um mit einem Thermohygrometer T200 oder dem Klimasensor TS200 SDI das bereits ermittelte Ergebnis zu festigen.

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