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Pro Module 2 for water damage restoration companies and the building trade

Faster results – perfectly synchronized

Using the Pro Module 2 of MultiMeasure Studio Professional water damage restoration and construction companies can save a great deal of time and thus money.

Carry out and administer your moisture and climate measurements for determining the damage and results and assign the data to different customers with only one application.

What damage was found, when was the building dry, on what day were the devices de-installed? The Pro Module 2 of MultiMeasure Studio Professional provides the answers to all of these questions, and thanks to its automated report generating function it can be used for creating professional measurement reports, drying documentation and even offers with just a few clicks.

Using the LiveLog function, measurement data of moisture damages can be directly collected during the measurement. This comes in handy for on-site matrix measurements with a Windows tablet or laptop, for instance.
LiveLog function
The integrated report generating function offers you numerous ready-made text blocks for offers, measurement reports and final reports relating to water damage restoration and construction drying.
Comprehensive template library

From humidity matrix to climate series measurement – using the Pro Module 2, all measured data can be read out centrally, evaluated graphically and also exported to Excel if required.

And thanks to the integrated data synchronization with MQDatamonitor, you can also read out the measured data of any currently used drying control units at all times, and you are ideally prepared to create detailed final reports, which are increasingly demanded by insurance companies for instance.

All project data can be exported and imported as needed. This allows for a simple measurement data exchange between several branches of a company.

Pro Module 2 – Your additional benefits:

  • Measurement, assessment, drying progress, final report – all measured data included in one application
  • Automated report generating function with specific boilerplate texts for climate and moisture measurement, water damage restoration and construction drying
  • MQDatamonitor synchronization for directly reading out the measurement data of all active drying control units
Using the MultiMeasure Studio Professional Pro Module 2 you can read out the measurement data of all drying control units you are currently using in a simple way and at any time, and you can take this data over into your final report for documentation purposes later on.
MQDatamonitor synchronization
In addition to a graphic evaluation of all measurement data, the Pro Module 2 also offers you an individually scalable diagram display of all drying data synchronized via MQDatamonitor.



Technical data
General information
  Article number 3.510.204.012
Basic functions
  Update function for software (online)
  Firmwareupdates (online)* for compatible devices
  Data readout of compatible devices
  Number of storable measurements unlimited
  Measurement project evaluation with diagram function
  Combined customer and measurement value management
  Backup function
  Export function of whole measurement projects
  Import function of whole measurement projects
  Export function in Excel
  Automated report generation
  Matrix evaluation for compatible devices
  Text module update function (online)*
Included Text Modules
  Leak detection and building diagnostics text module package
  Mould diagnostics text module package
  Climate and moisture measurement text module package
  Water damage removal text module package
  Building drying text module package
  Supplementary function for own text modules
  Data synchronisation with MQDatamonitor
  LiveLog function for compatible devices
Matrix evaluation for compatible devices
  Surface display
  Optional outline display
  Available colour schemes unlimited
  Freely selectable colours
Manual Entry of Measured Values
  Matrix unlimited
  X-Y diagram unlimited
Device Compatibility
  T3000 multifunctional meter with all SDI sensors
  T210 Hygrometer
  T260 IR-Thermometer
  T510 wood and building moisture meter
  T610 moisture meter
  T660 moisture meter
  DL200 (H, D, L, P, X) data logger
  BL30 data logger
  Trotec measuring devices in planning*
System Requirements
  Supported operating systems Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 10 32/64 bit
  Supported languages EN, EN, FR, TR, DA, NL, IT, FI, PL, SE
  Notes (*) Includes all updates for 12 months, then via optional maintenance license


 optional erhältlich

 nicht verfügbar


MultiMeasure Studio analysis software 2.0

MultiMeasure Studio analysis software 2.0

MultiMeasure_Studio_2_Setup.exe (607 KB)