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TTV system accessories

System accessories for the axial fan TTV 4500: Suitable hose adapters and practical combination dividers for professionals!

Stay flexible with the TTV 4500 combination distributor...

One adapter – manifold fields of application...

Up to eight 100 mm hoses can be attached to the combination distributor and in case of high central capacity requirements also a 450 mm air hose. For ventilation over longer distances we recommend the combined application with the 250 Pa high-pressure fan TTV 4500 HP.

On both sides, the TTV hose adapter can optionally be connected to the fan for suction or ventilation purposes. The use of two hose adapters enables the combined application of air transport hose and dust bag to remove dirt particles.

The TTV platform's combination modules at a glance:

  1. Fan TTV 4500
  2. Fan TTV 4500 HP (High Pressure)
  3. Combination distributor for TTV 4500
  4. Hose adapter for TTV 4500
  1. Fan TTV 7000
  2. Hose adapter for TTV 7000
  3. Dust bag class M in the lengths 3 m or 5 m



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