Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E
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Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E

Clean warmth for basic or additional heating

Upon switch-on it can quickly provide soothing warmth thanks to a brief heat-up period and switched off you can still indulge in the extra-long heat output: Since the 9-fin heat storage system contains a liquid heating medium, the oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E represents an effective heating alternative and is perfectly suitable for almost every kind of private application.

An oil-filled radiator is more efficient and cleaner than a fan heater and at the same time faster than normal heating systems. The TRH 20 E operates without fan, consequently no dust is raised, which should please any allergy sufferer. In a matter of 10 minutes it usually develops the full heat output and is in addition perfectly silent.

With the enormous heating capacity that can be adjusted in 3 heating levels the TRH 20 E is a reliable and silent partner e.g. as additional heating solution on cold winter days or for the temporary heating of garages or basements. The radiator also leaves a good impression when used as frost monitor. The price advantage is equally impressive seeing as the infinitely variable thermostat keeps energy costs within perfectly acceptable limits.

Maximum safety is guaranteed: the radiator TRH 20 E scores with overheating and tilt protection as well as with an operation indicator light. Due to the convenient cable winder with plug holder order is quickly restored. Furthermore, the integrated rollers and a carrying handle allow for safe transportation of the possibly still hot device to the exact operating site at which heat is required.

This is how oil-filled radiators can supply warmth effectively

Oil-filled radiators are designed for continuous use since they can fully substitute a wall radiator. With their heating fins oil-filled radiators may look a lot like "normal" heaters – but quite contrary to them use electricity to heat the oil within. The so-called thermal oil is heated by electric current and gives off the heat to the room air via the heating fins. By the way, oil-filled radiators are usually equipped with heating fins because they form a larger surface, thus making the heating process very effective. Since the devices are mobile, they can be positioned in any room wherever heat is required.

A few practical benefits:

  • Heating capacity of 2,000 W for quick and cosy warmth
  • 3 heating levels (800 W / 1,200 W / 2,000 W)
  • Effective 9-fin radiator
  • Short heating time: maximum heat output after only 10 minutes
  • Heat accumulator with liquid heating medium: prolonged heat radiation even after switch-off
  • Steplessly adjustable thermostat
  • Frost monitor function
  • Noiseless heating
  • Maximum security thanks to overheating and tilt protection
  • Operation indicator light
  • Practical cable winder with plug holder for quick organization
  • Integrated castors and carrying handle for safe transport even when hot
Intertek-tested quality

The TRH 20 E is supplied in Intertek-tested quality, thus guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality and making sure that you are always on the safe side with Trotec brand quality.

The oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E impresses with practice-oriented details:

Easy to handle! Comes with a steplessly adjustable thermostat and 3 heating levels
Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E, infinitely variable thermostat and 3 heating levels
The convenient carrying handle permits an easy transportation of the fan heater TRH 20 E to any operating site
Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E, convenient carrying handle
The integrated cable winder permits the quick and simple storage of the radiator
Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E, convenient cable winder
Due to the integrated rollers the radiator can be transported to any operating site quickly and without difficulty.
Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E, integrated rollers

Quick and odourless heating

An additional heat source for your home or holiday residence
TRH 20 E, used at home
Optimum solution for the cold days in the garage or workshop
TRH 20 E, application in the garage
The oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E is ideally suited for rooms that do not need to be heated non-stop
TRH 20 E, used in the conservatory
Provides pleasant warmth for your stay so you can enjoy your hobby
TRH 20 E, application in basement hobby rooms



Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.410.000.710
Heating capacity
  Stage 1 [kW] 0.8
  Stage 2 [kW] 1.2
  Stage 3 [kW] 2
  Stage Max. [kW] 2
Effective range
  Suitable for rooms sized up to [m²] 25
  Suitable for rooms sized up to [m³] 60
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V/50 - 60 Hz
  Max. power input [W] 2,000
  Nominal current consumption [A] 8.7
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Cable length [m] 1.4
  Overheating protection
Safety feature
  IP type of protection IP20
  Protection class I
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 120
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 390
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 500
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 6
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  9 heating fins
  Steplessly adjustable thermostat
  Tilt protection
  Frost monitor function
  Operating control lamp


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