Infrared radiant heater IR 2500 S
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Infrared radiant heater IR 2500 S

Quick and effective heat without dust circulation

The infrared radiant heater IR 2500 S instantly impresses with a top-class comfort function, namely the infinitely variable thermostat. Once set to the individual feel-good temperature, the device heats reliably and precisely to the point, then switches off automatically to save energy and back on when the temperature drops.

Owing to its length of 870 mm and the heating capacity of 2,500 W this infrared radiant heater features a wide effective heating range. Due to the flexible attachment options, e.g. atop a telescopic tripod, this infrared radiant heater can also be used separately and temporarily for flexible applications at unsheltered locations out in the open.

The functionality of the infrared radiator follows the natural principle of the sun. The heat rays do not heat the air, but instead the solid materials and objects they are directed at. These store the thermal energy which is later released in form of secondary radiation. Infrared radiation generates an agreeable sensation of warmth on the skin immediately upon switch-on.

Robust, yet elegant design

The IR 2500 S converts a great deal of the energy input into direct heat, which in comparison to a hot air blower increases the performance of the quartz radiator in terms of energy-efficiency. Seeing as the device further gets by without fan, it can supply the heat without generating odours, noise or raising dust. Which recommends the radiator as heating solution for allergy sufferers.

The infrared radiant heater can quickly and easily be attached to wall, ceiling or telescopic tripod – for start-up the connection cable of the device is simply plugged into the nearest socket. With its aluminium housing and the robust design the IR 2500 S is also ideally suited for use in larger spaces such as storage facilities, marquees, market halls or sidewalk cafés. Another application would be on your terrace at home, where you can continue to enjoy sitting out of doors on mild summer nights or even in the time between seasons.

A few practical benefits:

  • Infrared heat without preheating 
  • Even and targeted heat distribution
  • Clean, non-condensing, odourless and free from noise
  • No dust circulation, thus suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Heating capacity of 2,500 watts
  • 1 quartz element
  • Infinitely variable thermostat
  • Splash- and water-jet-proof, protection class IP34
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Adjustable inclination angle with a wide effective range
  • For mounting on walls and ceilings or on the telescopic tripod
  • Wall and ceiling holder included
  • Energy-efficient
SGS-tested quality

This Trotec product is supplied in SGS-tested quality, thus guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality and making sure that you are always on the safe side with Trotec brand quality.

The IR 2500 S impresses with practice-oriented details:

With a width of 870 mm and up to 2,500 watts of power the IR 2500 S can provide infrared heat for many possible applications.
IR 2500 S, consistent infrared heat produced by up to 2,500 W
The infrared radiant heater can simply be mounted to the wall, to the ceiling or to a telescopic tripod.
IR 2500 S, simple mounting to wall, ceiling or telescopic tripod
The infinitely variable thermostat renders setting the device to your individual feel-good temperature a breeze.
IR 2500 S, infinitely variable thermostat
The head of the radiant heater can be steplessly adjusted to an inclination angle of 90°.
IR 2500 S, inclination angle adjustable to up to 90°

Overview of the maximum heating range to be covered by an infrared radiant heater of 2,500 W:

Field of application Recommended heating capacity per m²
Area that can be covered by an infrared heater

with 2,500 W
Outside Sheltered:
approx. 150 W/m²
approx. 17 m²
No shelter:
approx. 250 W/m²
approx. 10 m²
Heating range of a 2,500 W infrared radiant heater

Heating range of a 2,500 W infrared radiant heater

You can proceed as follows to calculate the heating capacity (in watts) required for your room size:

Formula: m² x W/m² = W
room size (m²) x recommended heating capacity per square metre (W/m²) = required heating capacity of the infrared radiator (W)

Sample calculation:
For a well insulated room sized 25 m² we recommend the following heating capacity: 25 m² x 100 W/m² = 2,500 W

Cosy warmth wherever it is needed ...

Ideal for use in hotels or the catering trade: Offer your guests warm seats on an outdoor terrace even in the time between seasons.
Infrared radiant heater IR 2500 S, application in the catering trade
On events and private functions infrared radiant heaters provide direct heating for your guests that may have briefly gone out of doors without a coat.
Infrared radiant heater IR 2500 S, application for events
With its 2500 watts of heating capacity the IR 2500 S creates a pleasant sense of warmth even on the longer trading days.
Infrared radiant heater IR 2500 S, application at a market stall
Nothing can beat the great outdoors! Enjoy convivial gatherings from spring through to autumn.
Infrared radiant heater IR 2500 S, application the garden or on a terrace



Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.410.003.120
Heating capacity
  Stage 1 [kW] 2.5
  Stage Max. [kW] 2.5
  IP type of protection IP34
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V/50 Hz
  Nominal current consumption [A] 10.9
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Cable length [m] 1.8
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 90
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 870
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 190
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 2.5


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