Infrared radiant heater IR 2010
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Infrared radiant heater IR 2010

100 % cosy warmth with 80 % light reduction

The radiant heater IR 2010 impresses with all the convenient benefits of the IR series. These include the clean, condensation-free, odourless and noiseless production of cosy warmth as well as an even and targeted distribution of the latter without the need for preheating and – allergy sufferers will be delighted – without raising dust.

Being a modern radiant heater, the device produces direct heat according to the natural principle of the sun. Seeing as it converts a great deal of the energy input into direct heat, the infrared emitter is particularly energy-efficient as compared to say hot air blowers. The IR 2010 heats up its direct surroundings quickly and economically thanks to a heating capacity of 2,000 watts and, due to its 90° inclination angle, it can be oriented in both directions to work as a precise heat source.

This is why the IR radiator is ideally suited as a standby heating solution, for it can be used wherever targeted heat is required. For start-up, simply plug the device's power cable into the nearest socket.

A true professional – without light irritations, but with all-round heat

Low-glare principle

And the professional device IR 2010 has even more to offer: thanks to a reduced light emission, the radiant heater provides feel-good warmth and a pleasant candlelight atmosphere both in private households and in the catering sector. This is made possible by the innovative low-glare short-wave infrared tube that reduces the bright red light, which is frequently perceived as disturbing, by up to 80 % – while maintaining 100 % heat intensity. The result is absolutely discreet light that hardly influences the existing lighting concepts. With an average lifetime of up to 6,000 hours the IR 2010 emits pleasant warmth over several heating periods.

The IP65 rated device has a slim and elegant design accommodated in an indestructible aluminium housing. The radiant heater is protected against water jets from all sides (IP65) and is therefore suitable for any outdoor application. You can expose it to harsh weather conditions (rain, snow etc.) at any time. This makes the device ideal for terraces, bars and hotels, or wherever heat is required outdoors despite rain and snowfall. Since the same applies with regard to dust, the device can also be operated both in dusty workshops and industrial buildings without sustaining damage.

A few practical benefits:

  • Infrared heat without preheating
  • Even and targeted heat distribution
  • Clean, non-condensing, odourless and free from noise
  • No dust circulation, thus suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Heating capacity of 2,000 watts
  • High-class, elegant design
  • Weatherproof aluminium
  • High-quality low-glare short-wave infrared tube – approx. 6,000 operating hours with a light reduction of 80 %
  • IP65 type of protection – water-jet-proof professional device, rainproof from all directions
  • Adjustable inclination angle with a wide effective range
  • Can be used in open outdoor areas
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Energy-efficient
Tested for safety by SGS

The IR 2010 is supplied in TÜV-tested quality, thus guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality and making sure that you are always on the safe side with Trotec brand quality.

The IR 2010 impresses with practice-oriented details:

With a width of 595 mm and 2,000 watts of power the IR 2010 can provide infrared heat for many possible applications.
IR 2010, infrared heat produced by 2,000 W
The infrared radiant heater can be easily attach to the wall using the wall holder supplied with the device.
IR 2010, simple installation
Using the switch positioned on the side of the device, you can single-handedly switch the infrared radiant heater on or off without much effort.
IR 2010, simple single-handed operation
The steplessly adjustable radiator head can be tilted to an inclination angle of 90°.
IR 2010, inclination angle adjustable to up to 90°

Overview of the maximum heating range to be covered by an infrared radiant heater of 2,000 W:

Application area Recommended
heating capacity per m²
Area that can be
covered by an infrared heater
with 2,000 W
Outside Sheltered:
approx. 150 W/m²
approx. 13 m²
No shelter:
approx. 250 W/m²
approx. 8 m²
Heating range of a 2,000 W infrared radiant heater

Heating range of a 2,000 W infrared radiant heater

You can proceed as follows to calculate the heating capacity (in watts) required for your room size:

Formula: m² x W/m² = W
room size (m²) x recommended heating capacity per square metre (W/m²) = required heating capacity of the infrared radiator (W)

Sample calculation:
For a well insulated room sized 20 m² we recommend the following heating capacity: 20 m² x 100 W/m² = 2,000 W

IP65 type of protection

Infrared radiant heaters are available in many different versions for indoor and outdoor use. An important criterion for device selection is whether or not your radiant heater may be exposed to water or plenty of dust at its site of assembly or installation. If an infrared radiant heater is mounted in the bathroom, for instance, it operates at high humidity levels. Moreover, depending on the site of installation, water jets may reach the housing in some way or other. An infrared radiant heater installed on your terrace should be able to withstand occasional downpours. Heaters used in the workshop, however, should be protected against dust to a certain extent.

The IP65 type of protection promises that no dust can enter the housing and that the radiant heater will withstand water jets from all sides. The robust design is suitable for both installation on balconies and terraces as well as use during winter sports events. Thanks to its dust protection you can also use these radiant heaters in industrial buildings with high dust concentrations.

Cosy warmth wherever it is needed ...

Do not let cold evenings put a stop to a cosy get-together on your terrace or balcony.
Infrared radiant heater IR 2010, application on the roof terrace
Ideal for use in hotels or the catering trade: Offer your guests warm seats on an outdoor terrace even in the time between seasons.
Infrared radiant heater IR 2010, application in the catering trade
The IR 2010 is perfectly suited if you want to spend a good time in the open air during the time between seasons.
Infrared radiant heater IR 2010, application on the outdoor terrace
The infrared radiant heater IR 2010 allows you to relax on your roofed over terrace despite bad weather.
Infrared radiant heater IR 2010, application on a roofed over terrace



Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.410.003.210
Heating capacity
  Stage Max. [kW] 2
  IP type of protection IP65
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V/50 - 60 Hz
  Nominal current consumption [A] 8.7
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Cable length [m] 1.7
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 165
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 595
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 105
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 2
Equipment, features and functions


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