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Air cleaner AirgoClean

Providing fresh air, neutralizing pollutants – no problem with AirgoClean

Day after day we are breathing roughly 8,000 litres of air within closed rooms, although room air is often contaminated with ten times more pollutants than fresh air from outside.

Whether allergens such as pollen, animal hair or mould spores, fine particulates, bacteria, effluvia from furniture and wallpapers, toner powder from copying machines and printers or cigarette smoke – often the room air is interspersed with a harmful mixture of various particles which can have a substantial effect on health, fitness and well-being.

AirgoClean – pure way to fresh air

Using the air cleaners AirgoClean 105 S and AirgoClean 205 S you can create a safe and clean air environment in the office or at home.

Due to high-quality filters the AirgoClean technology enables a natural room climate without ionisation and harmful ozone. Pollutants are filtered from the air so that only clean and healthy air is returned to the room.

An effective activated carbon true HEPA filter combination ensures the safe filtration of 99.7 % of all airborne pollutants to a size of only 0.3 micrometres. The energy-efficient and quiet operation further guarantees an ideal and permanent utilization of AirgoClean air cleaners.

Thanks to their appealing designs, they fit in with every modern working and living environment and due to the integrated carrying handle can also easily be transported from one room to another, if required.

Effective air purification:

  • AirgoClean air cleaners filter 99.7 % of all airborne pollutants even to a size of only 0.3 µm owing to the effective activated carbon true HEPA filter combination
  • AirgoClean air cleaners efficiently relieve the air from pollen and other allergens, fine particulates, cigarette smoke, odours and bacteria, mould spores or viruses
Better air quality with AirgoClean

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