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HighPerformance - Innovation is our passion

We continually provide new and innovative product solutions. See for yourself!

Future product innovations

  • IDX 20 D-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    IDX 20 D / IDX 50 D

    Direct oil heaters

    The directly fired oil heater fan IDX 50 D in martial black impresses not only with its powerful heating output of up to 55 kW and a large fuel tank with a capacity of 50 litres, but also with a hot air volume of up to 1,100 m³/h. The IDX 20 D also has a powerful output of 20 kW, a tank capacity of 19 litres and an air volume of 450 m³/hour. Both oil heaters clearly show the current room temperature via an LED display, while the IDX 50 D also shows the set temperature via an additional LED display. With overheating protection, an integrated infinitely adjustable thermostat and a practical chassis for easy change of location, they are reliably suitable for permanent heating on frosty construction sites, in agriculture, well-ventilated storage areas and covered outdoor areas.

  • TWP 9000 ES-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    TWP 9000 ES / TWP 11000 ES

    High-quality submerged waste water pumps of stainless steel

    The two high-quality submerged waste water pumps with stainless steel housing are ideally suited for the withdrawal, recirculation and suction of water e.g. from swimming pools, basements after a flood, rain barrels, garden ponds and small building pits. The TWP 9000 ES and TWP 11000 ES not only convince with their higher resistance and durability thanks to their stainless steel construction, but also with an output of 900 to 1,100 watts and a delivery head of up to 9 metres. Above that, they are able to pump out and remove suspended particles sized 25 mm with no trouble at all. In addition, the maximum flow rate of the two submerged waste water pumps with near-ground suction is up to 20,000 litres per hour and the immersion depth is 7 metres. Thanks to the Quick-Connect elbow for astonishingly easy pump installation included in the scope of delivery, the connection hose can be flexibly fixed in the desired position at any angle. The automatic switch-on and switch-off point can be adjusted using the float switch lock....

  • TWP 4036 E-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    TWP 4036 E / TWP 7536 E

    Submerged waste water pumps

    The TWP 4036 E and the TWP 7536 E are ideally suited for the withdrawal, suction and recirculation of water, e.g. for swimming pools, basements, rain barrels, garden ponds, small building pits or flooding. The submerged waste water pumps have a high output of 400 to 750 watts and a delivery head of up to 8 metres and can pump out suspended particles sized 25 mm easily and without any problems. In addition, the maximum flow rate of the two submerged waste water pumps is up to 12,500 litres per hour and the immersion depth is up to 7 metres. Due to the supplied elbow with Quick-Connect system for effortless installation of the pumps, the connection hose can be flexibly attached at any angle. Furthermore, thanks to the comfortable fixing clip, the float can be adjusted and locked at the required height astonishingly easily and slipping is impossible.

  • TWP 4006 E-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    TWP 4006 E / TWP 7506 E

    Submerged clear water pumps, near-ground suction

    Thanks to the Quick-Connect elbow for quick and easy pump installation included in the scope of delivery, the connection hose can be flexibly positioned at any angle. The fixing clip lock allows the automatic switch-on and switch-off point of the float to be easily adjusted and fixed in the desired position. With a maximum flow rate of up to 13,000 litres per hour and a submersion depth of 7 metres, the TWP 4006 E and the TWP 7506 E are ideally suited for the recirculation of water and for pumping it off or out (e.g. of swimming pools, rain barrels, wells or basements) after a flood or heavy rainfall and during work in drainage shafts. The powerful 400 to 750 W submerged clear water pumps have a delivery head of up to 9.5 metres, can pump off suspended particles sized 5 mm effortlessly and, thanks to near-ground suction, can reduce the water level to only 5 mm resulting in a wipe-dry floor.

  • PGSS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    PGSS 10-20V

    Practical cordless grass and shrub shears

    Spring is coming faster than you think - so we have the right tools for the garden at home. The grass and shrub shears, which are comfortable, safe and light in the hand, can be used flexibly thanks to the FlexPower multi-battery (not included). In order to meet your individual needs and those of your gardening work, e.g. on grass, bushes or hedges, this practical 2-in-1 multitool is equipped with grass shears and shrub shears and the knife change is surprisingly quick and easy, without tools , done. The 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah FlexPower multi-battery can easily be ordered as an accessory and both are compatible with a large number of Trotec power tools.

  • PWLS 10-30-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    PWLS 10‑30 / 10-70 / 10-150

    Strong LED construction lights

    The 3 powerful LED construction spotlights made of high-quality aluminium and with a hardened glass front are ideal for renovation work, in the garage, for the garden or on construction sites. The professional spotlights differ in the number of LEDs (48/120/240 LEDs) and in the light beam output (2,700/6,300/13,500 lumen's) at a colour temperature of 5,000 K. The highly developed lamellar heat sink efficiently dissipates the heat and the LED According to IP65, emitters are protected against water jets from all directions and the ingress of foreign bodies. The high quality construction spotlights have a beam angle of 120 ° for wide and optimal illumination. The LED light is freely adjustable by 360° and the handle is adjustable by 75 °, with the PWLS 10‑150 even by 360°. The LED construction spotlights have flexible setup and suspension options.

  • TTK 900-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    TTK 900

    The new pride of construction drying

    Designed as reference class of professional construction dryers the TTK 900 practically leaves nothing to be desired. The tough design and robust components ensure a permanently maximum dehumidification performance and value retention.

    Along with minimized energy and floor space requirements as well as a high mobility the TTK 900 presents the ultimate construction dryer, which is also suitable for water damage drying and dewatering waterworks facilities or large storage facilities at low temperatures.

    And thanks to the innovative central chassis that provides the possibility of easily removing the complete housing, all service tasks can be performed as quickly and easily as never before! All electronics module are also provided with maintenance-friendly plug connections, making it very easy to exchange them.

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Current product innovations

  • TTK 500-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    TTK 500

    Universal construction dryer – newly defined

    Its super robust build, very high drying effectiveness and extremely low-maintenance modular design make the TTK 500 the ultimate universal construction dryer.

    The combination of a high dehumidification performance together with a minimized energy demand and a great mobility with a low floor space requirement makes the TTK 500 the ideal dehumidification solution at low temperatures – for continuous operations also optionally available with a hygrostat and condensate pump.

    Thanks to the innovative central chassis the complete housing can be removed quickly and easily from the device – making it ideal for service, maintenance and cleaning tasks. Furthermore the whole electronics assembly is designed in a modular fashion and is provided with maintenance-friendly plug connections, which makes it very easy to replace the modules.

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  • Hexagonal shank drill and bit set-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Hex shank drill and bit set

    49-piece complete set

    This set is ideally suited for all commercially available drills/screwdrivers with hexagon mounts. It offers accessories for drilling and screwing work of all kinds in a wide variety of materials. The 49-piece set contains 13 metal twist drills (Ø1.5-6.5 mm) made of HSS steel with a titanium coating, 5 stone twist drills (Ø4-10 mm) made of tungsten carbide and carbon steel for demanding holes and 5 Wooden twist drill (Ø4-10 mm) made of carbon steel. The set also includes a 16x25mm bit set made of chrome-vanadium steel, 3 depth stop rings, 4 hexagon socket bit sockets, a countersink with a 90° angle, a magnetic bit holder and an Allen key.

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  • PPLS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PPLS 10-20V

    Cordless planer

    The powerful cordless planer 20 V 4 Ah impresses not only with a proud idle speed of 12,000 rpm, but also with its mobile usability. Weighing only 2 kilos, the planer is equipped with a rip fence, a two-side chip ejector and an external dust extraction system. The 20 V 4 Ah Li-Ion battery is charged and ready for use in only 1 hour thanks to the supplied quick charger with 3-stage battery level indication. The PPLS 10-20V is part of our large 20 V 4 Ah Flexpower multi-device battery series.

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  • Cable drum PVD2-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PVD2 / PVD3

    High quality cable drums 25 m / 40 m

    The robust PVD3 cable reel has 4 protective contact sockets (16 A, 250V, IP54) with self-closing hinged covers and is the ideal solution for demanding indoor and outdoor use construction, in the workshop or in the industrial sector. The drum and frame are made of high-quality plastic and convince with drainage openings and a central brake system. The 40 meter long cable has a maximum output of 3,500 watts. The ergonomically shaped handle and the stable winder ensure comfort. Thanks to the thermal protection switch, 2 plug parking spaces and high stability, there is also a high level of safety. The little brother PVD2 offers 3 protective contact sockets and a 25 m long cable with a maximum output of 3,600 watts.

  • Circular saw blade sets-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Four circular saw blade sets

    Carbon steel Ø 150 mm / 190 mm

    The 3-piece circular saw blade sets are suitable for all common circular saws. These sets manufactured of high-quality and durable carbon steel are available in 2 different diameters with a different number of teeth in each case – Ø 150 mm with 24 or 40 teeth as well as Ø 190 mm with 24 or 40 teeth. Irrespective of the construction project you're about to implement, here you'll find the matching saw blades.

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  • Hole saw sets-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Two hole saw sets

    Carbide and bi-metal

    The two hole saw sets are suitable for all common hand drills and standing drills. The two sets contain 6 saws each, in the sizes Ø 22, 28, 35, 44, 68 and 73 mm. The carbide-set is ideally suited for working on tiles, stone, aerated concrete and plaster with a cutting depth of up to 25 mm. With the metal saw set (bi-metal/HSS), on the other hand, you can easily drill through plasterboard, PVC, acrylic, tinplate, aluminium, zinc die-cast, copper, bronze and wood with a cutting depth of up to 35 mm. 2 hole saw holders with centre drills and Allen key are also included in the scope of delivery in each case. The bi-metal hole saw set furthermore contains an adapter for hole saws Ø 35 mm.

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  • PCSS 05-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PCSS 05‑20V

    Mini cordless portable circular saw

    The powerful 20 V 2 Ah cordless portable circular saw PCSS 05-20V with an idle speed of 3,150 rpm enables precise cutting depths of up to 28 mm – quickly, easily and infinitely adjustable without tools. The supplied rip fence always guarantees precise guiding of the plunge saw, even in working areas that are difficult to access. Thanks to the practical spindle lock, the saw blade can be easily changed. The ergonomically shaped handle ensures safe and fatigue-free working even single-handedly. The PCSS 05-20V is part of our innovative and variably applicable 20 V 2 Ah Flexpower multi-device battery system. Another great advantage is the possibility of external dust extraction. An HSS saw blade (44 teeth), a TCT saw blade (24 teeth) and a diamond disc (89 mm x 10 mm) are already included in the scope of delivery for the most diverse work assignments.

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  • Zerozon 200-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Oxygen regenerator Zerozon 200

    For the accelerated ozone depletion after an Airozon® treatment

    This globally unique oxygen regenerator is able to substantially accelerate the natural ozone disintegration after use of an ozone disinfector by technical oxygen regeneration: As a master-slave solution, the Zerozon 200 can be combined with all ozone disinfectors of the Airozon® Professional series and effects a depletion process that is up to 10 times faster than the natural decay process. With this innovation "made in Germany", drastically shorter treatment times can be implemented, and the areas treated can be entered and used again much earlier!

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  • PTNS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PTNS 10‑20V

    Cordless tacker

    With its powerful 20V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, staples (type 55) and wire nails (type 47) with a shot sequence of 30 per minute in a variety of different materials. Thanks to its slim tacker guide nose, the PTNS 10‑20V is perfectly suited for processing slim components and working close to the edge is possible without any problems. The cordless tacker comes equipped with a 6-level impact force controller and an LED work light. Furthermore, the lightweight and compact PTNS 10‑20V with its anti-slip softgrip handle can be conveniently operated with one hand.

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  • PGGS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PGGS 10‑20V

    Cordless glue gun

    Thanks to the 20V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, the PGGS 10-20V can reach a temperature of 140°C in only 150 seconds. The cordless glue gun is able to regulate the melting temperature automatically at a preset temperature of 180°C. To save energy, the device switches automatically off after 10 minutes. It is further equipped with a dripping protection function. The scope of delivery also includes 3 transparent glue sticks (Ø 11 mm, length: 150 mm). This allows you to start working immediately.

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  • PSIS 10-230V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PSIS 10-230V

    Digital soldering station

    With its power of 60 watts, the PSIS 10-230V reaches a temperature of 400 °C within 4 minutes. The maximum temperature range goes up to 450 °C with 3 preset levels. However, you can also manually adjust it to the desired temperature value. The scope of delivery comprises 3 soldering tips and 2 portions of lead-free solder in different forms (sizes) to ensure that you're free to perfectly carry out rough to fine jobs. A soldering sponge and soldering iron holder are also part of the set. The temperature unit, the pre-pre-programmed temperature value, the target-actual temperature and the heating temperature are shown on the LCD. The soldering iron switches itself to stand-by energy-efficiently and automatically after 30 minutes, in order to prevent oxidation of the soldering tip and to extend its lifetime. Furthermore the PSIS 10-230V is provided with a practical storage compartment for the soldering tips and solder.

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  • PRDS 20-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PRDS 20-20V

    Cordless rotary hammer

    The cordless rotary hammer PRDS 20–20V convinces for screwing and drilling in wood and metal. In addition, the pneumatic hammer mechanism with 2 joules of impact force shows off its strength when hammer drilling in masonry and concrete. Impact rate and speed control with quick-stop function are infinitely variable and always provide full force control. Thanks to the SDS-plus chuck, retooling is done in a matter of seconds. As part of the Flexpower multi-device battery system, the 20 V 4.0 Ah lithium ion battery without memory effect or self-discharge can also be flexibly combined with other cordless Trotec tools.

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  • PPOS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PPOS 10‑20V

    Cordless polisher

    By its eccentric rotation movement clean work without leaving any residues is guaranteed. With its idle speed of 3,000 rpm, a powerful 20V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and a polishing disc diameter of 245 mm you can use the PPOS 10-20V to polish larger surfaces like those of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, high-gloss furniture or floors easily and perfectly. Furthermore the cordless polisher comes equipped with a terry polishing bonnet for applying wax/polish and synthetic fibre polishing bonnet for gloss polishing. Thanks to the anti-slip grip (softgrip), comfortable and fatigue-free working is guaranteed.

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  • TDP 370 E-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    TDP 370 E / TDP 750 E

    Compact, yet powerful deep well pumps

    The TDP 370 E / TDP 750 E are the smaller and more compact version of the large ones. However, their performance is in no way inferior. Whether for a cost-saving water supply, for irrigation purposes or for sprinkling gardens – the deep well pumps TDP 370 (370 W/ 5,100 l/h) and TDP 750 (750 W/ 5,100 l/h) are made of stainless steel and convey service water from wells, water reservoirs, rainwater cisterns and shafts up to 20 m depth. Reliable backflow protection and free from dirt and particles thanks to the stainless steel dirt strainer. The pumps are equipped with maintenance-free copper motors and an integrated thermal protection, providing durable operation and overheating protection.

    Moreover, the TDP 370 E / TDP 750 E come equipped with an individual mains plug and can be installed via Plug & Play. In addition, the electronic pressure switches TDP-DS (without mains socket) or TDP-DSP (with mains socket) can be optionally mounted to both pumps.

  • Airozon® 60000-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon® 60000

    Our strongest mobile ozone generator for large-scale indoor disinfection

    With the Airozon® 60000, schools and nursery schools, transport companies, hotels or retailers are now provided with an equally powerful and time- and cost-saving ozone disinfector for the effective treatment of large surfaces and spatial volumes.

    The sextuple compound of high-quality, durable 10g-ozone electrodes that is specially integrated into the Airozon® 60000 ensures a highly effective, stable ozone output of 60,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions, discharged evenly over the whole treatment zone by a high-pressure radial fan and 360° blow-out tower with specially formed flow lamellae. Furthermore equipped with a timer switch and operating hours counter, the Airozon® 60000 is provided with all equipment features that you can expect from a professional ozone disinfector "made in Germany".

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  • Airozon® 20000-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon® 20000

    Powerful profile solution for the disinfection of large surfaces and spatial volumes

    The Airozon® 20000 is an ozone disinfector with a high ozone output, which can be transported easily and is flexibly applicable. Thanks to these properties the Airozon® 20000 proves to be the perfect choice for the professional disinfection of large surfaces and spatial volumes.

    The duplex compound of high-quality, durable 10g-ozone electrodes specially integrated into the Airozon® 20000 ensures a highly effective, stable ozone output of 20,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions, discharged quickly over the whole treatment zone by a high-pressure radial fan. Furthermore equipped with a timer switch and operating hours counter, the Airozon® 20000 offers all equipment features that you can expect from a professional ozone disinfector "made in Germany".

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  • Airozon® 10000-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon® 10000

    Compact ozone power for the oxidative disinfection of interior spaces

    The Airozon® 10000 is the ideal compact solution for the quick disinfection of all interior spaces where many people come together, where there are a multitude of visitors, or where the users of venues change frequently.

    The high-quality high voltage unit integrated into the Airozon® 10000 works with an insulated dielectric barrier to attain a high ozone output of 10,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions. Furthermore equipped with a timer switch and operating hours counter, the Airozon® 10000 offers all equipment features that you can expect from a professional ozone disinfector.

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  • PRDS 05-230V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PRDS 05‑230V

    Rotary hammer

    With a power consumption of 620 watts and an impact power of 2.1 joules in the pneumatic hammer mechanism the PRDS 05-230V sees to forceful drilling, impact drilling and chiselling. Safe holding in every operating situation is ensured by the vibration absorber in the rear handle and the front handgrip that is adjustable by 360°. Large operating radius thanks to the 3 m cable.

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  • Ozone disinfector Airozon 14 ECO-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon 14 ECO

    For germ-free interior spaces with the smell of fresh air

    With the adjustable two-stage ozone output up to 14 g/h and a timer function for preselecting the treatment duration between 0 to 120 minutes, the Airozon 14 ECO is an economic solution for an effective odour neutralisation in hotel rooms or vehicles and for disinfecting the room air and surfaces in interior spaces. Overnight guests and passengers will surely appreciate this hygiene service and the effects of fresh air that has been freed from odours.

    In addition to unpleasant odours, an ozone treatment with the Airozon 14 ECO also eliminates microorganisms such as bacteria, mould spores and viruses on surfaces and in the room air.

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Former Trotec innovations

  • DH 160-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    DH 160 / DH 310

    High-capacity condenser dryer for industrial continuous use

    The corrosion-resistant DH 160/DH 310 drying systems, which are also available in stainless steel and with KTL coating, extend the range of services offered by the professional DH series and offer maximum performance for virtually all industrial requirements and dehumidification processes. In addition to the very high dehumidification performance (up to 550 l/24 h for the DH 310 and 275 l/24 h for the DH 160), the robust drying units offer a wide range of practical equipment options. Designed as a stand-alone unit, the new DH Induction Dryer DH 160 and DH 310 can also be used without difficulty in wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted operation and, in addition, can be connected to existing air duct systems.

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  • UV-Trackmaster WF/NF-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Exclusive hand-held UV-A lamps with a high fluorescence excitation

    The UV-Trackmaster models are equipped with a special band-pass filter for maximum residual light suppression yet simultaneously maximum UV translucency. This special filter, coated 90 times, permits a maximum transmittance in the range of 365 nm – consequently, tracers can be identified with substantially more contrast. Whilst the lens of UV-Trackmaster NF focuses the UV light in a beam, that of the UV-Trackmaster WF is designed for the illumination of vast areas. So, with a UV-Trackmaster you always have an optimal solution for the quick and effective tracer detection during material testing, leak detection or quality inspections – naturally the product is ""made in Germany"" and exclusively available only at Trotec!

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  • External condensate pump-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    External condensate pump

    Unique - adaptive operation control of dehumidifiers

    Another "made in Germany" original from Trotec: With its extremely robust, corrosion-resistant and robust V4A housing, this external condensate pump was specially developed for the permanent operation of Trotec DS series swimming pool dehumidifiers. It can be used as a wall or floor unit and can of course also be used with other dehumidifiers. For a trouble-free continuous operation, the pump is equipped as a safety function with a car shutdown of the connected dehumidifier in case of overload. If the condensate supply temporarily exceeds the conveying capacity of the pump, it switches off the dehumidifier until the load area has been reached again and then automatically re-starts automatically.

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  • PIDS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PIDS 10‑20V

    Cordless impact wrench for versatile use

    The PIDS 10‑20V impact wrench provides a powerful rotary impact function when screwing in and loosening screws or when tightening and loosening nuts. Thanks to the combined ¼ "square and ¼" hex tool holder and the stepless speed control with quick stop function, it is ideal for handyman and do-it-yourselfers alike. The PIDS 10‑20V has an LED work light, a bit adapter for screwing and a carrying case. With a fast charger, the 20 V lithium-ion battery is fully charged in just one hour. Especially practical: the Flexpower multi-battery 20 V / 2.0 Ah can also be used flexibly with other cordless tools from Trotec.

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  • VSP inspection system-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Inspection system

    Until now, maintenance technicians needed a variety of optical aids for visual inspections. Trotec has now developed the modular and mobile universal solution: The VSP inspection system is the sophisticated, flexible, combinable and expandable innovation for technical video endoscopy. The robust control unit with colour display and extremely powerful lithium-polymer battery can be used with all VSP system components. Special camera heads are available for different inspection requirements. The 30m VSP push cable drum and optional video endoscopes and bore scopes complete the professional system solution from Trotec quality manufacturing.

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  • TGP 1025 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TGP 1025 E

    Domestic waterworks with 19 liter pressure boiler

    With the domestic waterworks TGP 1025 E you save money with every use. The 1,000-watt domestic waterworks pump up to 3,300 l / h of clean water from rainwater cisterns and other alternative sources of water, for example to supply washing machines or irrigation systems with free water. The robust and IPX4 splash-proof device automatically switches on and off depending on the pressure in the pressure vessel, thus saving energy. Durable and safe operation of the maintenance-free aluminium winding motor is ensured by high-quality mechanical seals as well as an integrated thermal protection circuit in case of overheating. For permanent stationary operation, the feet are provided with mounting holes.

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  • TGP 1000 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TGP 1000 E

    Garden pump

    The robust and powerful garden pump TGP 1000 E is the optimal solution to save drinking water from the line in garden irrigation. With a capacity of 1,000 watts and a head of 42 m, the splash-proof (IPX4) garden pump pumps up to 3,300 l / h of useful water from rain barrels, cisterns and garden ponds. Designed for durability, the garden pump has sturdy metal threads on both the suction and discharge sides as well as an integrated thermal circuit breaker to protect the maintenance-free aluminium winding motor.

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  • Deep well pumps-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TDP 5500 E / TDP 7500 E

    Deep well pump made of stainless steel with copper motor

    Whether for cost-saving service water supply, for irrigation purposes or for irrigation of gardens: The powerful and made of stainless steel deep well pumps TDP 5500 E (550 watts / 6,000 l / h) and TDP 7500 E (750 watts / 4,800 l / h) promote water from wells, Water reservoirs, rainwater cisterns and shafts to about 20 m depth. Reliable without backflow and free of dirt and particles thanks to stainless steel strainer. For long-lasting use and protection against overheating, the pumps have maintenance-free and TÜV-tested copper motors with integrated thermal protection circuit.

  • Submerged pumps-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TWP-E series

    Clear water / dirty water submersible pumps

    With a max. capacity of 15,000 litres per hour and an immersion depth of up to 7 meters, the TWP-E series is ideally suited for a wide range of pumping tasks around the house, garden, pond, pool and well, as well as for the empty pumping of underground basements. The automatic switch-on and switch-off point can be adjusted using the float switch. The clear water submersible pump TWP 7505 E / TWP 9005 E is also flat suction.

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  • TTK 570 ECO-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TTK 570 ECO

    Commercial building dryer

    The TTK 570 ECO with automatic hot gas defrosting is a true price-performance champion. It combines robust steel construction in trolley design with state-of-the-art technology and convinces even at low temperatures from 5°C with a high dehumidification performance of up to 127 l/day with a max. Air flow of 1100 m³/h. Thanks to the rotary piston compressor, the TTK 580 ECO can be transported and stored in any position to save space. To record the operating time, the dehumidifier is equipped with an operating hours counter. Connections for an external humidistat and a condensate drain predestine the TTK 570 ECO for unattended drying operations in automatic mode.

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  • TTK 380 ECO-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TTK 380 ECO

    Commercial dehumidifiers

    For typical commercial dehumidification applications, the robust TTK 380 ECO building drier with its solid steel construction in tram design is the most economical choice. The integrated hot gas defrost ensures a high dehumidification capacity of up to 80 l/day even at low room temperatures of 5°C and above with a maximum air volume of. 950 m³/h. The dehumidifier is equipped with an operating hours counter and has a connection option for an external humidistat and a condensate drain. Particularly practical: Thanks to the rotary piston compressor, the TTK 380 ECO can be transported and stored in any position.

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  • PRDS 11-230V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PRDS 11‑230V

    Hammer and Chisel Drill

    With a power consumption of 1,600 watts and an impact force of 6 joules in the pneumatic hammer mechanism, the PRDS 11‑230V allows powerful drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling. The vibration absorber in the rear handle and the 360° adjustable front handle ensure a secure grip in any situation.

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  • BM40 Moisture measuring device-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Non-destructive moisture measurement of wood humidity and building moisture

    If you want to measure in quick and non-destructive way the humidity in materials such as wood, gypsum plaster, cement screed or if you want to control drying process, you can find the reliable partner in the BM40.

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  • TP10 infrared thermometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Pyrometer with multipoint laser aiming aid

    The professional solution for precise and non-contact surface temperature measurements: The integrated multipoint laser of the TP10 marks the circular measuring range clearly visible on the respective surface, even over long distances. By infrared, the pyrometer measures the temperature of wall and floor surfaces, solids or even liquids with an accuracy of ±1% and a response time of 0.15 seconds. The intuitive colour display in green, red or blue makes it clear at first glance whether the measured temperature is within the preset target value range. With its wide measuring range of -50 °C to +1.850 °C, its high geometric resolution of 75:1 and its adjustable emissivity of 0.10 to 1.00, the TP10 infrared thermometer is recommended for the most demanding measuring tasks.

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  • TTV 3000-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TTV 3000

    Conveyor fan for ventilation at long distances

    Portable, lightweight and stackable, the conveyor fan TTV 3000 guarantees fresh wind and dust-free working air at the construction site. With a flow rate of 3,000 m³/h and a maximum hose length of 38 meters, the most powerful fan of the TTV series is recommended for almost all long-distance ventilation and venting tasks. Be it to supply adjacent floors, shafts, large objects or tunnels with fresh air, to support cooling or heating units, or to suck the annoying dust from the site quickly and reliably. Double-sided hose connection pieces as well as the possibility to connect a dust bag for dust extraction make the TTV 3000 a flexible all-rounder.

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  • TTR filter box 610-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    HEPA filtration of the process air

    The stainless steel TTR filter box 610 is the flexible solution for HEPA filtration of process air when using TTR drying equipment as well as all other supply and exhaust air systems. Two filter compartments (H13 particulate filter combined with G4-Z-Line filter or F7 pleated filter cassette) ensure reliable filtration of bacteria, viruses, suspended matter and dusts in cleanrooms in industry, hospitals or laboratories. The TTR filter box is designed for a maximum air throughput of 4,000 m³/h and can be scaled to any size for use with more powerful air handling units by installing additional TTR filter boxes in parallel.

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  • TP7 infrared thermometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Pyrometer with multipoint laser

    Simply aim, trigger and quickly and non-contactly read the surface temperature of walls, floors, solid materials or liquids. The TP7 infrared thermometer offers you a practical multi-point laser aiming aid, so that you can always clearly identify the measuring area on the surface. In addition to the precise value, the backlit display in green, red and blue indicates whether the preselected temperature has already been reached, exceeded or fallen short of. The TP7 measures temperatures from -50 °C to +1000 °C with an accuracy of ±1%, a response time of 0.15 seconds, a measurement optics of 40:1 and an adjustable emissivity of 0.10 to 1.00.

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  • Multiple socket outlet PV4-MID+-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Lockable power strip

    Safeguard your building power handling correctly from the current drain to the consumption measurement for the further calculation! The lockable power strip PV4-MID + is the clever synthesis of a robust, powder-coated metal protective construction with the internal Trotec PV4-MID high-quality socket strip. So you are not only optimally equipped for harsh operating conditions on changing construction sites, but also meet the strict requirements of the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2004/22 / EC, the equipment approval for construction and assembly sites in accordance with BGI 608, the Measurement and Calibration Act ( MessEG) and the Measurement and Verification Ordinance (MessEV). With this "Made in Germany" quality product from Trotec you are always on the safe side!

  • Infrared heating panel TIH 350+-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TIH 350+

    Professional infrared heating plate

    TIH 350+ - The high-quality "made in Germany" infrared hotplate from Trotec with a genuine 350 Watt heating power for wall drying in new buildings or for water damage and old building renovation. Unlike other infrared hotplates, which often achieve inhomogeneous heat dissipation, the use of innovative materials in the design of TIH's torsion-resistant hotplate ensures absolutely uniform radiant performance over the entire surface. The additional rear insulation ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimum object-oriented radiation performance. Because the TIH 350+ works silently, it can also be used without problems in inhabited environments. It is fast and stably stackable and has an integrated, MID-compliant energy meter.

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  • PCPS 10-1100-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PCPS 10‑1100

    Portable compressor

    PCPS 10‑1100 - the lightweight, oil and maintenance-free 1,100 watt compressor for mobile use in the home, in the garage or in the garden. The TÜV-certified compact device offers you a strong operating pressure of up to 8 bar for easy and quick inflation of car, motorcycle or bicycle tires, as well as balls, dinghies, air beds and swimming pools. With the extensive adapter and nozzle set, you always have the right attachment for different applications. The 3-meter-long compressed air hose also gives you plenty of room to pump up even less accessible valves. On the manometer attached to the compressed air gun, you always have an overview of the current air pressure.

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