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Trotec Trade Division

Technology plus X: here we get busy doing business

Once upon a time... it all started with some devices for climate conditioning. Since 1994 the Trotec Trade Division forms the contemporary Trotec Group's nucleus. From our headquarters in Heinsberg this division coordinates our development departments, the production facilities in Europe and Asia as well as all service centres and the training programme.

The Trotec Trade Division supplies the industry, tradesmen and craft enterprises with professional product solutions for climate conditioning. We provide the full range of machines and measuring devices as well as work tents and screen fences. In the past decades our leitmotif of offering innovative technology at the best possible rates has not only made us one of the leading industrial equipment suppliers but by now also a successful provider of corresponding product solutions for private usage.

From portable small equipment to stationary climate control concept

The Trotec Group ranks among the global leaders in terms of mobile and stationary machines for climate conditioning. With its product portfolio consisting of dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heating and air handling units, air cleaners and fans the Trotec Trade Division covers the entire range of products from portable small equipment to stationary industrial facility.

Innovative measuring technology for control, detection and localisation

In the fields of portable measuring equipment, too, we are one of the global prime addresses. We develop, produce and distribute innovative measuring devices for climate, building technology, quality/emission control, industrial maintenance as well as detection and localisation.

Worth investing: 10 per cent for research

We have grown as a high-quality supplier – and would like to keep it that way. Therefore, we for one thing rely on qualified and motivated employees and for another invest in a future-proof development. 10 per cent of our turnover is principally reinvested in research & development. Employing this strategy, we can ensure you as customer a brisk pace of product innovation as well as technology fit for the future. After all, your investment is supposed to turn to account.

We still build ourselves: 90 per cent in-house production

Another reason for our success is based in the continually growing number of products developed and manufactured in-house. Upon opening our Heinsberg production facility in 2013, 70 % of the machines of the professional range had already been developed and produced along the lines of “made in Germany”. Today’s rate is more than 90 %.

More specialist knowledge with Trotec Consult

Our priority is a customer-oriented approach, which presupposes individual consulting. We not only lend our support in terms of consultation, but with Trotec Consult also offer active transfer of expert knowledge for many tasks: In our training courses and seminars we convey theoretical and practical expertise. Whether in terms of building technology, emission measuring technology, leak detection, water damage restoration or building diagnostics – the combination of state-of-the-art process technology and instrument engineering with the many years of experience our subject specialists have ensures an exceptionally high, internationally accepted qualification for our participants.