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Made in Germany

100 % made in Germany

Think globally – act locally! Trotec develops and manufactures in Germany. Here you can find out how our products come to be and why they are so good.

German industrial design persuades

The life cycle of a typical Trotec product begins as a mere idea in the heads of our constructing engineers at the Heinsberg headquarters. They are in touch with our customers and know exactly what the market calls for. In collaboration with our product design team the Trotec engineers develop innovative solutions in functional designs.

Incidentally, often the first step in the product development still is a rough freehand sketch to this day. Later on the products mature to a 3D CAD drawing at the computer.

Clear practicality works

Our products' designs are practical, clearly structured and focus on functionality – typically associated with Germany.

Our engineers keep testing and improving all details until they are entirely convinced by the prototype.
Project manager

In the R&D department: prototype construction and testing phase

In our research and development department 15 qualified electrical engineers, IT specialists and mechanical engineers or constructors work every day to turn this idea into something big. Following the design phase, these ideas grow to be prototypes. Prior to market introduction those are tested by selected customers and adjusted as appropriate based on the respective feedback.

Acid tests in own testing laboratories

Located on more than 500 m2 of research and development department space are not only the designers' work stations but also the prototype construction and testing labs. There, the products' performance ability and user-friendliness is tested until the requirement specifications and needs of our customers are met.

Every device is thoroughly examined prior to delivery.

The article goes into series production – certified and controlled

The advantage of a German production site can be clearly pinned down: For one thing we appreciate our highly qualified and experienced employees. Our international teams have one common denominator guided by our corporate culture: their efficient way of working and producing.

Here, at Trotec, the quality management specifies these structures in the course of the ISO 9001 certification. We set great story by quality checks during production and the final inspection. Prior to delivery, every machine is subject to electrical testing according to EN 60204 (VDE 0113-1) or EN 60335-1 (VDE 0700-1).

Our quality pledge applies to the entire production chain

We have also brought this view of efficiency and quality to bear at our other production sites and expect the same from our suppliers.

Our employees ensure the fastest possible order processing.
100,000 parts in stock at all times

150,000 parts in stock at all times

Upon completion every product is properly stored – under the best climate conditions, naturally. On a storage space of more than 15,000 m² all over Europe we continually keep 150,000 machines, measuring devices and accessories as well as 10,000 rental appliances available for you.

Available for supply anytime – also in the event of large orders

Owing to this large stock of inventory the availability of all products is almost always ensured, which our customers appreciate a great deal. This way, it is possible to deliver great quantities of measurement and dehumidification technology also at short notice in case of climatic extreme events such as a flood and to fulfill large orders at all times.

Trotec distribution centres all over Europe ensure that our products can be delivered within 48 hours to any address in Europe.

High quality for a fair price. Typically Trotec.

Made in Germany does not equal expensive

We stand by the site Germany. Trotec disproves the prejudice that products manufactured in Germany are necessarily expensive: For 20 years now our machines and measuring devices have been known for their excellent price-performance-ratio. Of course there are cheaper products – but none of comparable quality.

Efficiency and productivity

How our outstanding value-for-money ratio is even possible? On the one hand, thanks to the effectiveness of our qualified employees as well as clear working structures. On the other, due to smart business strategies. Here, too, expert knowledge and structure pay off. In your interest as customer!

Trotec products prove themselves in every application.

100 % quality pays

With the delivery to the customer the product starts into a long working life. Particularly worthwhile are its reliability, durability and value retention – as we know from customer feedback.

Independent service fleet

Should a problem arise nevertheless, you benefit from a strong partner quickly sorting it out.

For repair and maintenance work Trotec further has a team with their own service vehicle fleet available for you. You can rely on Trotec in every respect and over the entire product life cycle.



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