Give viruses no chance: Humidification in daycare centres and schools

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Give viruses no chance: Humidification in daycare centres and schools

Especially children are often afflicted with health problems caused by dry air. An ideal room climate can be ensured using Trotec humidifiers and air washers.

Hardly anything affects our health as much as the air we breathe every day. This is particularly true for our children who attend schools and daycare facilities every day. Dry room air makes the little ones more susceptible to diseases and substantially lessens the power of concentration, consequently it is important to ensure the best hygienic conditions and fresh air for them. These institutions cannot always see to a regular ventilation, hence support by modern-day technology is all the more important. When using high-performance humidifiers and effective air washers, which Trotec has on offer, the room air is enriched with moisture and filtered at the same time. For the best possible well-being and the health of our children.

Five times a week we send our kids to daycare centres or schools. They spend many hours there, often enough the entire day. Beside the educational programme parents are also very exacting about healthy meals and the best possible hygienic conditions. And with good reason! After all the children are supposed to feel comfortable there to encourage an advantageous development. Therefore these institutions carry a special responsibility – also with regard to the indoor climate in group rooms or classrooms. Already in early autumn heaters are put into operation to protect from the cold. But this simultaneously creates dry room air which does more harm than you would think.

Dry air is bad for your health

It's a commonly known problem: One kid caught a cold and attends school or daycare nonetheless and already the disease spreads with lightning speed amongst the friends. One reason for the quick contagion are too low humidity values within the facility. For flu viruses are disproportionately more active in dry air. At the same time the children's mucous membranes dry out, which makes them more susceptible to viruses and germs. As preventive action we recommend better climate conditions, e.g. an adequate indoor humidity level. It is hard to achieve this only by ventilating the rooms, because it takes a lot of effort to look after all kids while the windows are open. The use of modern technology might produce relief: The humidifiers and air washers from Trotec not only ensure optimum humidity values in daycare centres and schools. They also filter the air. Enough reason to take a deep breath.

The best climate to further one's ability to concentrate

Further facts should illustrate just how important it is to configure the air quality, and especially the humidity level, in daycare centres and schools to an optimum value. The children's motivation and power of concentration clearly decrease the drier the air. Dry air interferes with the absorption and transport of oxygen in the blood. The detrimental effects of dust particles and microorganisms are also intensified. They are lacking the binding element of water vapour in the air, as a result more ends up in the respiratory tract.

An extra portion of health for inhalation

The mobile evaporation humidifiers from Trotec are exemplary for an effective humidification and filtration of the air. The models are compact and characterized by low-noise operation, lest they disturb students during tests. The humidifiers can be connected quickly and easily in a class- or group room and started at the touch of a button. The hygrostat-controlled humidifier is automatically regulated once the desired humidity value has been set initially. All Trotec humidifier models operate based on the reliable evaporation principle. Lime deposits and the formation of condensation are ruled out the same as an excessive humidification of the room air. You are limited to the optimum range between 40 % and 60 %. Pollutants in the water (e.g. germs) remain in the water tank and filter are not passed on to the room air. This ensures hygienic operation with the bacteria output reduced by 99 % as compared to ultrasonic humidifiers. Trotec always provides the right model suitable for small- and large-scale applications. In smaller rooms of up to 24 m² the designer humidifier B 25 E, perfect in form and function, prevents our little ones' airways and noses from drying out. At times an agreeable room scent through perfumed oil is also welcome. The compact B 200 eco for instance emits up to 43 litres of water per day or even more and can shine with an ideal value-for-money ratio. Both powerful and reliable in the humidification of larger rooms are the B 400 and the B 500 radio, emitting impressive 60 litres to the ambient air and offering many modern extra features.

How an "air wash" works

Suitable for smaller areas such as the adjoining room of a daycare group, where the young 'uns are put down for an afternoon nap, are the compact and stylish Trotec air washers of the AW-S series. They unite an appealing design and ideal air purification. Both the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S suck in the room air and guide it past rotating humidifier disks; there the air is charged with moisture. During this process dirt particles such as pollen, hair and dust cling to the disk and are bonded in the collection container. Furthermore, depending on the operating mode, the AW 20 S provides an additional thorough HEPA filtration of the humidified air.

The advantages of mobile evaporation humidifiers

  • reliable and effective humidification for good health and the ability to concentrate
  • automatic hygrostat-controlled regulation of the humidity level
  • mode for low-noise operation
  • no limescale or wet spots
  • optimum value-for-money ratio in every appliance class

The benefits of air washers of the AW-S series

  • 3-in-1 combination device for odour elimination, air purification and humidification
  • display of the relative humidity level
  • plasma generator for the elimination of odours and pollutants in the room air
  • various operating modes plus ultra-silent night operation
  • a large water reservoir (9 litres) for long maintenance-free operations
  • only tap water required (not distilled water)
  • variable fan control for need-based room adjustment

Additional benefits of the AW 20 S:

  • intelligent combined sensor for simultaneous measurement of air humidity and quality enables energy-saving automatic operation
  • can be used for air purification and odour elimination all year round thanks to a humidification and plasma function that can be switched on or off separately
  • the exchangeable prefilter frees the air reliably from coarse house dust or animal hair
  • selectable HEPA filter function for maximum air purification efficiency: filters fine particulates such as pollen, mite faeces, mould spores and dust
  • 3-stage light signal indicates the air quality in the room

Temporary demand? Rental appliances for every requirement

You need mobile humidifiers for temporary use in daycare centres or schools? Just rent them, then. In our TKL rental portal you will find devices at a favourable price!