Cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10 E
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Hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10 E

The powerful all-rounder for wet and dry applications

The ergonomically designed hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10 E presents itself cordless, untiring and with powerful suction. Used around the house, for cleaning your car or during your camping holiday:
Without the need for dust bags the VC 10 E fitted with a durable lithium-ion battery allowing 12 minutes of operating at maximum power collects dust, dirt and hair like a pro. Including liquids! 

The hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10 E: as multifaceted as life itself

With the matching accessories it can meet all the requirements presented by everyday life.

Impressive 40 W of suction capacity
High performance
The crevice nozzle for reaching every nook and cranny
Crevice nozzle
With the squeegee nozzle you clean away up to 150 ml of liquid
Squeegee nozzle
Nothing goes amiss with the practical extension hose
Extension hose

Crumbs on the floor, dust on the shelf or road dirt on the stairs. Nothing the hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10 E weighing merely 700 grams itself can't handle! The glass of milk tipped over during breakfast is not a problem either; with 40 Watts of power the hand-held vacuum cleaner gobbles it up easily using the supplied squeegee nozzle. The collection container can hold up to 400 ml of dry dirt and 150 ml of liquid – enough room to meet all challenges emerging in kitchen, dining room, children's room, RV or office.

Any animal owner who has tested the hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10 E will never want to do without it again! Removing animal hair is a daily chore in any household with cats or dogs. When it's time for a change of coat this task can be particularly challenging. For there will be hardly any area in the house not covered in animal hair to some extent. Lucky is the person who has a VC 10 E vacuum cleaner at hand to free furniture, floors and clothing from the vexing, omnipresent animal hair. 

For wet and dry applications
For wet and dry applications
7.4 V lithium-ion battery
7.4 V lithium-ion battery
12 minutes maximum suction capacity
12 minutes maximum suction capacity
Powerful motor
Powerful motor
Bagless operation
Bagless operation
Ideal for animal hair
Ideal for animal hair

Used for cleaning the interior of your car the battery-powered hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10 E can demonstrate its strengths as compared to conventional cable-connected models for which a near-by power outlet is an absolute necessity. The carpet may still be ok to reach, but corners, cracks and narrow gaps are more difficult to access in a car. Using the supplied crevice nozzle and the 1 m extension hose the manoeuvrable VC 10 E also cleans poorly accessible locations in the footwell and underneath the sets with ease. 

Ready for use at all times and bursting with energy

Once the job has been done, you can store the hand-held vacuum cleaner away in its convenient wall holder with charger in order to save space. Should the battery have been drained completely, the maximum charging time amounts to approx. 6 hours. Trotec uses nothing but rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of the latest generation without memory effect or self-discharge guaranteeing maximum suction power and a long operating time.

A few practical benefits:

  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec
  • Powerful hand-held vacuum cleaner for wet and dry applications
  • 7.4 V lithium-ion battery (1.3 Ah) without memory effect and without self-discharge
  • 2-stage battery charging status indication
  • Can be cleaned quickly and easily due to easily removable container and washable permanent dust filter system
  • Large container with a capacity of up to 400 ml of dry dirt and 150 ml of liquid
  • Operating time of 12 minutes with undiminished suction power
  • Crevice nozzle for poorly accessible locations
  • Squeegee nozzle for quick absorption of liquids
  • Extension hose (1 m) for cleaning poorly accessible locations
  • Convenient wall holder with charger
  • Original Trotec design – protected design patent
Side view VC 10 E
Top view
View of the interior of the VC 10 E
Praktische Wandhalterung
Extension hose of 1 m length
High suction power
Intertek-tested quality

The corresponding power adapter is supplied in Intertek-tested quality and therefore guarantees a high level of quality, safety and functionality

Cleaning the device is no big deal either. The vacuum cleaner operates without dust bag, so you don't have to get new ones of the right size for replacement. Both the collection container and the integrated permanent dust filter can simply be rinsed under a running tap. An all-round clean affair!

The VC 10 E also impresses with the small details

Quickly back to the original clean state – The collection container can be removed and emptied at the push of a button. You can simply rinse container and dust filter under running water.
Emptying and rinsing
With the 2-stage battery charging status indication you can easily keep an eye on the current charging status. The 7.4 V lithium-ion battery permits 12 minutes of the uninterrupted operation with undiminished suction power.
The charging status visible at one glance
The scope of delivery of the VC 10 E includes a squeegee nozzle, a crevice nozzle, an extension hose, a wall holder, two screws, two wall plugs, a permanent dust filter and a power adapter.
Scope of delivery of the VC 10 E

Be prepared for any possible application scenario: get yourself a VC 10 E!

The crevice nozzle is used to vacuum off crumbs, dust and other dirt even at uneven and poorly accessible spots. An all-round clean affair!
Cleaning the upholstery by means of the crevice nozzle
Why make things complicated, when cleaning can be done so conveniently? The extension hose of 1 metre length simplifies the interior cleaning of your car tremendously.
Car interior cleaning with extension hose
Smaller puddles are not a problem either – With the squeegee nozzle included in the scope of delivery the hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10 E can gobble up up to 150 ml of liquid.
Absorbing liquid with the squeegee nozzle
Using this cordless vacuum cleaner makes the daily chore of removing animal hair from surfaces in your home ever so much easier. It helps you re-establish the order in your household quickly and reliably.
Removing animal hair
Used as first-aid measure to tackle the abandoned leftovers of little cookie monsters – The handy all-rounder is an indispensable aid, especially in children’s rooms ...
Application in a children’s room
Always ready for the next application. To save space the device can be stowed away in the wall holder with charger. Squeegee and crevice nozzle can both be attached to the holder at the same time.
Practical wall holder


Handheld Vacuum Cleaner VC 10 E show in Trotec online shop

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner VC 10 E

The ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner VC 10 E presents itself cordless, enduring and powerful in suction. The VC 10 E, which is equipped with a long-life lithium-ion battery for maximum suction power of up to 12 minutes, absorbs dust, dirt or hair without bagging. Also liquids!

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Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.655.000.010
Technical data
  Power input [W] 40
  Max. runtime [Min.] 12
  Suction capacity [Kpa] 2.5
  Hose length [cm] 102
Capacity of the dust container
  Dry dirt max. [ml] 400
  Liquids max. [ml] 150
Safety feature
  Protection class II
Electrical values battery
  Rated voltage [V] 7.4
  Battery capacity [Ah] 1.3
  Battery – level indication Available
  Battery type Li-ion
  Charging time [h] 6
  Mains connection 100 - 240 V/50 - 60 Hz
  Output voltage [V] 9.6
  Nominal current consumption [mA] 300
  Cable length [m] 1.84
  Protection class II
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 90
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 370
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 135
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 0.7
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  Wet vacuum cleaning function
  Dry vacuum cleaning function
  ON/OFF switch
  Battery level indication
  Washable dust filter

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available


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