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Rental and contracting solutions

Our TKL business division has specialized in need-based procurement solutions related to climate conditioning.

Especially for local authorities, TKL Condition Contracting opens doors to attractive possibilities of immediately using machines and installations for humidity control and climate conditioning – even in case of unavailable investment funds.

We have tailor-made rental and contracting solutions on offer, particularly for water management businesses!

As one of the leading rental partners for trade and industry in Europe, TKL is not only your specialist for long-term hiring solutions, but with more than 10,000 rental appliances and an express 24-hour delivery service also the prime address for urgently needed replacements in case of machine failures or for the temporary expansion of capacity to cover peak demands.

The range of rental appliances comprises all types of drying systems, powerful heating and air handling units, high-performance fans, devices for air treatment and much more.