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Economical solutions for facility management

Purchasing or renting central heating units, cooling devices & dehumidifiers

Facility management staff knows the problem: A water damage, heating failure or defect at the cooling system requires an immediate solution – also at the weekend. After all, operational reliability must be ensured at all times. The Trotec Group provides economical solutions for these problems, so that facility managers have no need to break a sweat.

Whether the facility management is challenged by an emergency or by reconstruction work is irrelevant: Our rental partner TKL provides central heating units, cooling devices, dehumidifiers or construction dryers also at short notice. This way, operational procedures inside the buildings and plants can be continued largely without interruption. And facility managers keep a cool head.

Emergency equipment with heating units, dehumidifiers and construction dryers

Renting devices on short notice is a good solution for manageable objects or temporary reconstruction periods. However, depending on the size of the buildings and plants, it may be advisable to have one's own equipment pool for emergencies, which the facility management can access at any time. Also at four in the morning, if need be. We have emergency devices for the two most common climate problems in facility management: heating failure and water damage.

Mobile cooling devices when the stationary cooling system fails

He who manages facilities with cooling systems should have cooling units of different performance classes at the ready to avoid loss or recourse claims when the cooling fails. The commercial air handling units of the PT series provide first aid when the cooling system fails. Either as rental appliance or integral part of your own equipment pool.

Interested in renting or sub-renting devices? Ask TKL

With all questions regarding rental appliances facility managers are in good hands with our rental partner TKL. It is also possible for you to act as sub-renter of the devices and so to generate additional business within the scope of facility management. This way, you can for instance, hire out cooling devices or central heating units to renters or tenants of a storehouse on a seasonal basis. Ask TKL about it.

Interested in purchasing devices? Our experts help you to select the right equipment

If you are planning to purchase your own heaters, dehumidifiers, construction dryers or cooling devices for the facility management, our consultants will gladly assist you in the capacity calculation.

Moreover: Measuring devices for building diagnostics in the facility management

The Trotec Group not only provides machinery for the facility management: In our product segment of measuring technology you as facility manager will also find numerous measuring devices for several non-destructive building diagnostics procedures. For instance, in the facility management thermal imaging cameras can be used for the examination of heat loss, the PD 200 system for leak detection employing the pulse current method, or else videoscopes for the building endoscopy, e.g. to inspect pipelines. In addition, the fog and flue gas simulator FS200 is used for the flat roof leak detection. In case of larger roof surfaces or an entire complex of buildings facility managers may also assign the complete building diagnostics task to the Trotec Group. Feel free to contact us.

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