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Dehumidification during storage, dispatch and transport

Professional dehumidification concept protects goods

End-to-end dehumidification concept from raw materials warehouse to transport

In the silo as well as during transport hygroscopic bulk material is endangered by humidity – this holds true for both the chemical and the pharmaceutical industry. Humidity continues to be a problem after production, because the products are mostly packed into damageable cardboard boxes with paper inserts. Therefore, dehumidification also plays a key role for storage, dispatch and transport.

Medicine, dragées or powders – humidity already poses a risk to chemical and pharmaceutical products when in the raw materials warehouse or silo: If moisture enters the goods can go lumpy, become caked or spoiled. Even when produced and stored properly in a dry space, the next moisture issue is imminent in the packaging. It mostly consists of cardboard boxes soaking already at a relative humidity value of 55 per cent. Including labels. In the worst case scenario the packaging absorbs water in the manufacturer's warehouse or during transport – long before it arrives in the pharmacy or drugstore.

An end-to-end dehumidification system is imperative to be able to deliver the packages in impeccable dry condition, which also includes the staging area and transport. We at Trotec develop a master plan for the dehumidification using adsorption dryers.

Adsorption dryers of the TTR series as mobile and stationary dehumidifiers

In order to ensure the constant dehumidification during storage, dispatch and transport, we often utilize adsorption dryers of the TTR series for our customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. These dehumidifiers are available in numerous model variants and with two separate air flow ducts (TTR Trisorp Dual principle of operation) characterized by an especially simple adjustability. Moreover, with their internal heat recovery and high level of resilience and performance of the special rotors they rank among the most economic dehumidifiers of their kind. Both desiccant dehumidifiers of type "D" – TTR 400 D and TTR 500 D – are as standard equipped with the innovative Duoventic air volume regulation. The TTR series comprises stationary as well as mobile adsorption dryers. You can recognize the stationary devices in the product overview (below) by the 4-figure model numbers, the mobile devices bear 3-digit numbers.

Drafting and test run: make use of our industrial services

For the chemical industry and pharmaceutical production the Trotec Group not only supplies devices for dehumidification related to hygroscopic bulk material and packaging. In consultation with you we also develop the dehumidification concept for storage facilities, dispatch areas and transport. Furthermore, the industrial services team provides mobile dehumidifiers to test the concept beforehand in trial operation. Only after measurements have proved that the humidity level can be controlled as desired will your final solution be launched.