Thermography deployed in a water utility

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Looking into the electronics: Using thermography in a water utility

Thermal images reveal the condition of electronic components in a water utility – to ensure an uninterrupted supply.

Customers of water suppliers depend on the continuous operation. And the supplier guarantees uninterrupted service. In order to pinpoint technical problems as quickly as possible and to have the maintenance crew work more efficiently, thermal imaging camera are used for checking electronic equipment. The detailed infrared images created by Trotec thermal imaging cameras indicate precisely which spots require attention or repair.

It is the objective of waterworks’ operators to dispose of wastewater, to treat it and to provide customers with drinking water. And they promise a reliable and uninterrupted supply. To make sure that they can keep this promise, the waterworks’ technology must be in pristine condition. At all times. Because once a technical defect has occurred on the electronics of a water utility, this could result in a supply problem. Then the damage has to be detected and fixed – pronto. After all, the customers are reliant on the water supply. Better would be if deficiencies of the electronic system could be detected at an early stage, so as to prevent failure in the offing. The water company’s maintenance teams are always on duty to this end. 

Professionally equipped

Specialists are equipped with numerous mechanical and electrical measuring devices to keep the electronic system running at all times. Both for the prevention and in case of damage one thing must not be forgotten: a measurement method to detect hidden defects at the electronic equipment. Experts use a professional thermal imaging camera. The infrared technology permits the determination and visualization of temperature differences at electronic components such as control cabinets, electrical lines, fuse panels, plug connectors and switching devices. Defects show up as hot spots on the thermal images.

Precise technology

In order to support the maintenance crews in their work and thus to ensure customer satisfaction, the Trotec Group offers a wide range of precise high-performance thermal imaging cameras. They provide detailed thermal images which facilitate the troubleshooting of the electronic system. The compact Trotec thermal imaging cameras of the IC series for instance impress with precise real-time thermographic measurements. They are characterized by their manifold measurement and analysis functions and produce reliable, detailed results.

The thermal imaging camera EC060V is universally usable for the inspection of electronic equipment in waterworks. This infrared camera comes with a maintenance-free, uncooled image sensor with a detector resolution of 160 x 120 measuring spots and 19,200 fully radiometric, independent temperature measuring spots. It captures even the tiniest of temperature changes in real time. The picture-in-picture function is particularly demonstrative, with it it is possible to explicitly document the location of the measured damaged spots in the audit report.

Further inspections

It is not only faults in the electrical system that can be detected by use of the thermal imaging camera EC060V. They are also used to monitor pumps, to check valves for leakages and pipelines for damage. No matter which of Trotec’s thermal imaging cameras you choose – with the Trotec technology you are always perfectly prepared for monitoring the processes in a water utility.

The benefits of the EC060V at a glance

  • fully radiometric infrared camera manufactured in the EU
  • real-time measurement and real-time image display for detailed, high-quality thermal images
  • high thermal sensitivity
  • integrated digital camera for real images
  • Saving of infrared and real images
  • easy handling
  • large, pivotable colour LCD display
  • best value-for-money ratio

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