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For electricians and solar installers:

More security and service using infrared thermography & leak detection

Are you a solar installer, electrical engineer or electrician? Trotec provides professional equipment for the inspection of roofs and photovoltaic installations. That way you can cover your back – and offer your customers an extra service.

Infrared thermography for photovoltaic installations

Ensure and prove the perfect functioning of the solar power system installed by you by means of a convincing inspection and documentation using a highly sensitive thermal imaging camera. Or offer regular inspection and maintenance of the solar installation as service.

Customers, who have chosen the energy supplier sun, think on a long-term basis, for initially every solar installation is a costly investment. It takes years for the photovoltaics to pay off. If it works to a hundred per cent! Small damages to the electrics, connections or solar cell are enough and part of the installation fails. Often this performance loss goes unnoticed for years. Using a thermal imaging camera, defective modules or connections can easily be localized. However, many homeowners feel out of their depth handling high-tech devices and analysing thermographic images.

By making use of a thermal imaging camera you can offer your customers an exclusive service mutually rewarding in the long run:

  • For the customer the regular thermography check ensures the proper functioning and full performance of his or her photovoltaic installation
  • You as installer of solar power systems can cover your back by means of an examination right from the start by documenting the functionality of your installation
  • As solar installer, electrical engineer or electrician you can offer your customers impromptu inspections in case of suspected defects and performance losses but also long-term maintenance contracts
Which infrared camera is suitable for the application?

Sometimes only one defective joint results in partial failure of the photovoltaic installation. When dealing with a large-scale installation, detecting that one small source of error can be tricky. Another important factor for an exact measurement is the perfect angle to the glass surface of the solar modules. The infrared camera used for photovoltaic inspections should therefore meet the following requirements:

  • High resolution, min. 320 x 240 pixels
  • High thermal sensitivity of at least 0.08°C
  • Integrated digital camera for a better orientation with the aid of the real image
  • Moveable LCD display for perfect view regardless of the measuring angle of the lens

All Trotec thermal imaging cameras of the IC-LV series are suited for use with a photovoltaic installation. The LV models are further equipped with an integrated digital camera and DuoVision function for combined display of thermal and real images. Optionally available are interchangeable lenses, e.g. for the application with large solar installations. The software package included in the scope of delivery contains everything you need for a professional documentation of your measuring results.

By the way: It is also possible to lease infrared cameras!

Take this opportunity and inquire about leasing your desired product now.

Professional measurement technology for roof examination prior to installation

Whether flat or pitched roof – the foundation, on which the solar installation is to be mounted, must be free of damage. Namely for two reasons:

On the one hand it serves to avoid potential consequential damages on the photovoltaic installation, on the other hand you as electrician or solar installer can protect yourself against expensive recourse claims: If you install a solar power system without prior roof examination, how can you later verifiably demonstrate that it wasn't you who caused damages to the roof?

Hence, to be on the safe side, perform a leak detection in advance. Trotec provides professional measuring devices for leak detection, e.g. the Combination detector LD6000.