Searching for clues with the thermal imaging camera

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Searching for clues with the thermal imaging camera:

Fault diagnosis of a photovoltaic installation

If the performance of a photovoltaic installation is restricted, the expected yield quickly comes to nothing. It only needs small defects in modules, connections or the electrical system to lead to an impairment of the performance of the solar installation. The expensive investment on your roof should therefore be checked for sources of error right after the installation and in regular intervals of approx. two years.

A highly sensitive thermal imaging camera enables fault diagnosis without the need for a time-consuming disassembly of modules or risky climbing on the rooftop. Trotec's infrared cameras of the IC-series are absolutely qualified for this task. The smallest stone chips, defective soldering joints, humidity, defective bypass diodes, manufacturing defects, assembly faults, inactive cell parts and many other causes of a loss in performance can be clearly recognized and detected on a thermal image.

Hence, functionality and profitability of the photovoltaic installation are checked and secured by the thermography inspection. Regular inspection and maintenance intervals significantly extend the solar installation's lifetime.