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Checking photovoltaic installations!

Important information for homeowners and installers.

On fire? Preferably not: Lately there have been a number of reports regarding potential fire hazards emanating from photovoltaic installations. They speak of incorrect installation, the issue of arcing and also about the fact that the return of solar collectors is generally in jeopardy. Therefore, our recommendation is: Check panels, wiring etc. immediately after the installation and at regular intervals during the service life of a photovoltaic installation!

Trotec provides state-of-the-art measurement technology for the inspection of a photovoltaic installation: Infrared cameras geared precisely to the specific features of a solar installation. Measuring devices for leak detection on the rooftop prior to the installation of a solar power system – to eliminate possible consequential defects of the installation. And measurement technology for the inspection of wiring. Many factors can restrict the safety and functionality of photovoltaic installations: from roof damage before installation to wind and weather right up to animal bites (e.g. martens).