Infrared thermography for stock breeding

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Infrared thermography for stock breeding

Low-cost monitoring of the rutting season, testicular function, pregnancy and udder health

Thermal imaging cameras have for several years proven their worth in the industrial stock breeding of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and poultry. They constitute an inexpensive and very early temperature measuring method providing important information about the overall condition of the breeding animal for both the breeder and the vet. Trotec offers a wide range of devices for infrared thermography.

A thermal imaging camera supplies very precise data and images of the body temperature – depending on the camera model with an accuracy of 0.05°C. Through regular data collection several times a day at various locations of the body and comparison with the rectal temperature as reference, even the smallest of deviations can be recognized at an early stage. This way, coming on diseases can be treated to prevent costly production losses, e.g. due to the lameness of the breeding bull with digital dermatitis or the mastitis-metritis-agalactia complex of sows. Hence, infrared thermography is a very efficient means for all stock breeding phases, be it cattle, pigs or sheep. It is used for...

  • monitoring the rutting season,
  • the determination of the ideal insemination time,
  • checking the testicular function,
  • monitoring the pregnancy,
  • the surveillance of udder health,
  • the detection of inflammations in the extremities,
  • preventive claw/hoof trimming
  • and for general health checks.

On the breeding cattle market: Examining animals before purchase

Moreover, infrared thermography can already be used as mobile solution before the breeding bull or dam get to the cowshed: This way, the livestock can already be examined for health on the market with respect to temperature deviations.

Various device classes for every size of breeding business or veterinary practice

The Trotec Group's range of products includes thermal imaging cameras in different performance classes and price ranges. All of them are inherently suited for use in the fields of stock breeding – which device best meets your needs depends on working volume and budget. Out of the extremely light battery-powered devices of the Eco series, the EC060V with a thermal sensitivity of 0.08°C is suited for animal breeding and also affordable for a small breeding business or vet. The investment in premium devices for industrial stock breeding can amount to several thousands of euros up to a five-figure sum – with correspondingly increased efficiency. Particularly well suited for this are infrared cameras of the IC series with an extremely high thermal sensitivity of 0.05°C such as the IC085LV or the premium device. The technical comparison illustrates all performance parameters side by side. This way, every vet or breeder can find an appropriate thermal imaging camera to meet their needs.

Available option for small breeding businesses: renting thermal imaging cameras

For breeders with a small livestock such as dog breeders or horse breeders the option of just renting a thermal imaging camera of the IC series for a number of days via our TKL rental portal is of interest from an economic point of view. Regular temperature check-ups can so be realized at a reasonable price.

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