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Prepared for emergencies: fire-fighting exercises

Flue gas simulators produce harmless fog in buildings where fire-fighting units practice for real emergencies.

Intact equipment and process routine are what makes a good fire brigade. Only if the firemen know exactly how to proceed under which conditions, can they effectively fight fires and in some cases even save lives. This is why fire exercises are carried out regularly. The conditions under which they take place have to be as realistic as possible. In order to practice how to detect a fire and save a life, the brigades make use of artificial fog. The fog and flue gas simulator FS200 from Trotec produces dense fog within a few minutes – naturally without any risk.

When a building is in flames, it is often already too late for initial fire-fighting operations carried out by passers-by or first aiders. The fire spreads in a trice and may even affect neighbouring buildings. In many cases, even human lives are at stake. For the fire brigade, these scenarios are part of their business. In order to make sure that the fire-fighters carry out their work in a targeted and concentrated way, practice and exercise are required for many steps and throughout their workflow. To gain such routine, fire exercises are carried out on a regular basis.

An essential part of such an exercise is the indoor operation in a burning building: as soon as the first brigade arrives, the first group of fire-fighters is sent into the smoky house using breathing protection to first of all rescue missing persons and then detect and fight the fire source.

Real scenarios

Thanks to the use of the fog and flue gas simulator FS200 fire-fighters can practice in a realistic environment. They learn how to use breathing apparatus, cope with enormous visual obstructions, orient themselves in thick smoke and professionally free the building from smoke subsequent to the fire-fighting operation. Producing thick – and, of course, harmless – smoke in a room or building with the help of the FS200 is very simple and the preparations for such a training exercise only require a short time.

Compact and optimally thought through

Owing to its compact design, the fog and flue gas simulator FS200 can be transported without difficulty. On site, the fluid canister holder is unlocked and folded out and the fog concentrate can be introduced in a matter of seconds. The performances of the fan turbine and the fluid pump can be infinitely adjusted independently. This way, the fog production can be adapted optimally to the spatial conditions. On top of that, the power coupling of turbine, heating and pump guarantees a consistently dense flue gas flow lasting several minutes. This is the best way to prepare a room for a fire exercise.

The fog and flue gas simulator FS200 in fire-fighting exercises

  • professional quality "made in Germany" – for a robust performance
  • compact design – for a smooth transport
  • production of dense fog – for a quick preparation of the rooms
  • no post-heating – for a continuous operation
  • infinitely adjustable – for an optimal adaptation to the operation site

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