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How chocolate and sugar remain processable

Dehumidification in the confectionery manufacturing

The fact that humidity and sugar form a sticky compound poses a problem for the confectionery industry. The same goes for chocolate blooming in moist surroundings. Dehumidifiers are employed in order to reduce the humidity level during the entire production process: during transportation of the raw materials, inside the sugar silo, in the sugar-coating pan, the drying chamber, the chocolate moulding machines as well as during packing, cooling and storage.

As part of the quality assurance dehumidifiers belong into every confectionery and chocolate factory: The devices ensure dry ambient air in the entire production chain. All of the production stages and room sizes can be equipped with dehumidification systems and the corresponding measuring technology. Sector-specific problems are prevented as follows:

  • At a relative humidity of less than 60 per cent chocolate is protected from both fat bloom and sugar bloom.
  • Raw materials containing sugar do not stick together and remain processable and storable.
  • The drying time for sweets, chocolate or fruit gums is reduced.
  • Confectionery in cooling tunnels is protected against condensation.
  • Confectionery has better protection with respect to microbial contamination.
  • Cardboard packaging remains dry and stable.

From the hauling paths to sugar silo, production and packing right up into storage

A good dehumidification concept starts with the delivery of the powders and granules and then takes the transport route into consideration. This ensures that sugar, cocoa, dye and flavouring powders arrive at the silo in a free-flowing state. Within the silo, too, the hygroscopic powders and granules have to be kept dry by means of pre-dehumidified air to ensure their processability. Further typical dehumidification tasks in the confectionery industry include the generation of dry air curtains above the machinery and the deliberate pre-dehumidification of process air for e.g. sugar-coating machines or drying tunnels. In the areas of packing and dispatch warehouses dehumidifiers protect sweets and cardboard boxes from sticking together and chocolate from blooming.

Securing product quality with dehumidifiers of the TTR and the DH series

For the confectionery industry the Trotec Group provides both mobile and stationary desiccant dehumidifiers of the TTR series in various performance classes. Also in stainless steel. These dehumidifiers feature two separate air flows (TTR Trisorp Dual principle of operation) and are hence characterized by an especially simple adjustability. Besides, TTR desiccant dehumidifiers are ideal for the production of ice cream, for they also effectively dehumidify at sub-zero temperatures of as low as -20 degrees. The particularly hardwearing stationary or mobile DH condenser dryers from the Trotec Group are also suited for dehumidification in the confectionery manufacturing. They are f.i. eligible for the pre-dehumidification of the supply air for the sugar-coating pan, the chocolate moulding machines or the drying chamber. As they are working based on the principle of condensation, DH dehumidifiers not only impress with an extremely high performance, but also with their economic efficiency. Each dehumidification concept developed by the Trotec Group for confectionery manufacturers is further equipped with the data loggers of the DL series, produced in Germany, for tamper-proof monitoring.

Well-founded dehumidification calculation in the production of confectionery

Which dehumidifier is right for a confectionery manufacturer, the one using the principle of condensation or else the desiccant principle, depends on different factors: The room size matters just as much as the ambient temperature. Is a compact mobile dehumidifier sufficiently dimensioned for the fruit gums in the drying chamber or do you need large stationary desiccant dehumidifiers in the storeroom for filled chocolates? Our consultants of the industrial services team are on hand with help and advice when calculating the capacities, the operating costs and selecting the required devices.

TKL – Trotec Rental Division

In order to safeguard your profit-earning capacity in case of machine failures or during temporary peak demands TKL, Trotec Rental Division and Europe’s leading equipment hirer, lends their support with more than 10,000 rental appliances and a quick 24-hour delivery service. You can for instance rent:

In our TKL rental portal you can find rental appliances of all performance classes at a favourable price!

Upon request, we also produce customized desiccant dehumidifiers as special models

Upon request, we will readily produce tailor-made desiccant dehumidifiers as special models “made in Germany” perfectly geared to your needs, e.g.:

  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with hygienic design
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers for PWIS-free dry air
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with extremely low dew point

Makes use of the possibility of having special models with tailored components for your individual needs planned, designed and manufactured in close consultation with our specialists.
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