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Biogas plants: starting aid for the fermentation process

Initiating the heating phase in the fermenter by means of mobile central heating units

In biogas plants a gas mixture is produced through the fermentation of organic biomass and then used for the generation of power. During this fermentation process heat is generated and keeps the process running. Until however the biomass has reached the appropriate fermentation temperature, external heating is required for the heating-up phase: Renting mobile central oil heating units here constitutes the solution.

Especially in rural areas biogas plants increasingly gain in importance. There biomass is easily available in form of liquid manure and plants such as maize or corn and gives an entirely new perspective to "bioenergy villages". During the fermentation process a gas mixture is formed, which in chemical terms is equivalent to natural gas and can be used for power generation: biogas. The gas mixture mainly consists of methane and a smaller share of carbon dioxide as well as fractional percentages of water, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, nitrogen, ammonia, hydrogen and further trace gases.

Start-up and maintenance: Satisfying the temporary demand by using rented mobile central heating units

In the fermenter of the biogas plant a constant temperature is required during the fermentation process. It is maintained by the fermentation process itself. The only phases in which the biogas plant needs additional central heating units are the heating phase for start-up and the maintenance phases. In order to satisfy this temporary demand, our partner for rental appliances provides plant operators with powerful central oil heating units: the central heating unit ID 1200 with 200 kW and the central heating unit ID 2000 with 375 kW. Both can be rented as mobile devices on a daily or weekly basis using our TKL rental portal.

ID central heating units heat everywhere and at any time – even in the hardest of winters

The central oil heating units of the ID series were specifically designed for the rough everyday working conditions of rental appliances in changing locations: for instance for emergency heating in industrial or residential buildings, for construction heating or the heating of large halls – and also for the heating-up period in biogas plants. Thanks to the external thermostat they are suited for fully automatic operation. The list of their (safety-related) technical features is long: Besides their robustness the ID central heating units impress with a durable branded burner with high efficiency, forklift receptacles, crane lugs, stainless steel skids for stationary use and transport as well as photo cell flame monitoring and much more. Moreover, the mobile central heating units can also be used in the winter, cold-resistant to ambient temperatures of as low as -20 °C. Further, lockable doors protect the operating elements and burners of the rental appliances against unauthorized access.

200 or 350 kW? The industrial service team calculates the required capacity

Regardless of whether bought or rented: Which heating installation best suits your biogas plant, ID 1200 or ID 2000, depends on the size of the fermenters, the type of biomass and on the fermentation process. Our consultants of the industrial service team will gladly assist you in the task of capacity calculation.

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